Common Sewer Pipe Issues During Winter

Pipeshark offers trenchless sewer repair in Bryn Mawr, PA among many other services that aim to help you with many of the common sewer problems that homeowners face during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, when the mercury drops, your sewer system becomes vulnerable to many more threats such as the following.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes have been a problem for homeowners since plumbing was first brought inside. Your pipes main function is to carry water. When that water freezes and expands, the pressure can cause the pipes to burst. This results in the need for our trenchless pipe lining.

Sewer Odors

Don’t brush off the sewer odors you are noticing as simply a result of the house being closed up for the winter. These odors are an indication that you may need trenchless sewer replacement. Left unattended, this issue can cause harm to you and your family’s health.

Frozen Sewer Vents

You need your sewer vents to function properly throughout the year. Otherwise sewer gas can back up into your house. This also creates a harmful environment. Rely on our trenchless pipe repair and home inspections to find and eliminate this common winter problem.

Tree Root Invasions

If your drains are clogged or backing up in the winter time, don’t rule out the possibility of a tree root invasion. Trees use their roots to search for the water and nourishment they need. Winter makes it hard for them to find these important elements. They can penetrate your pipes in their search for nourishment.

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If you suspect any of these common winter sewer problems in your home, call Pipeshark for help. We can do any necessary repairs or trenchless pipe replacement that you need in order to return your sewer system to its properly functioning state.