How Long Does Pipe Lining Take

At Pipeshark, we put the needs of our customers first by offering innovative, cost-effective, and time-saving options. This is why we’re your top source for trenchless pipe lining in Paoli, PA and nearby areas. It’s a process that typically takes three days in total to complete from start to finish when everything is included.

Day One: Initial Inspection

CIPP pipe lining begins with determining whether or not this approach to pipe rehab is right for your situation. An initial inspection of the affected pipe is usually scheduled first. After using a specialized camera to check out your drain or sewer line, we’ll let you know if pipe lining is a suitable solution.

Day Two: Applying the New Coating

If sewer or cast iron pipe lining is appropriate for your sewer or drain line, the pipe lining process can usually be taken care of during the course of one day. This is when the liner with the epoxy-resin material is inserted into the affected pipe. There is no need for digging since the work is primarily done through existing openings.

Day Three: Checking the Finished Work

The very last step with trenchless pipe lining in Paoli PA is to inspect the work. Our own technicians will perform an inspection of the finished work. However, there is usually a need for a local inspector to sign off on the project after confirming everything has been done in accordance with local guidelines.

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