Why Pipe Bursting is the More Affordable Way of Replacing Pipes

Pipe bursting technology was developed as a way to avoid many of the hassles associated with traditional pipe repair services. We here at Pipeshark are already highly familiar with the benefits of modern pipe bursting, and we believe that the cost savings alone are a great reason to recommend this service to current and prospective clients in West Chester, PA, and beyond.

Less Equipment Required

Pipe bursting equipment typically consists of a horizontal drilling rig with an attached pipe-pulling apparatus that can drag new sections of pipe into place as the old pipe is destroyed. This equipment is generally smaller and more compact than the large-scale machinery that’s needed to carry out old-fashioned pipe repairs.

Limited Excavation Needed

During a trenchless pipe bursting in West Chester, PA, the only time that excavation is necessary is when digging the primary pit to gain access to the pipeline and creating smaller control pits to monitor the drilling rig’s progress. The lack of extensive excavation saves time, reduces the need for large-scale post-project clean-up and makes pipe bursting services efficient and economical.

Fewer Personnel to Handle the Work

More workers on a jobsite means more expense, and this is as true for pipe bursting contractors as it is for everyone else. By streamlining the pipe repair process and limiting the amount of heavy machinery, pipe bursting can lead to a significant reduction in the cost of labor associated with a project.

Call for an Estimate Today

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