Why You Should Never Clean Your Pipes with Home Remedies

Most property owners assume that clogs are small plumbing issues that can be addressed with a drain cleaning product, a snake or some hot water and vinegar. Even with the best intent, opting for a DIY pipe cleaning solution can cause more problems than solve them.

Here are some reasons why it’s best to leave the clogs to the experts:

Improper Use of Tools Can Damage A Good Pipe

Whenever you use a makeshift hanger to try and loosen the hard clog in your kitchen sink, your toilet or bathroom drain, there’s a chance that you poke a new hole in the weakened sections and cause a leak or a break. The debris that’s causing your sewer to back up can be located deep underground, buried under your home foundation, slabs or flooring and will be impossible to reach with household items.

Drain Solutions Can Cause Advanced Corrosion

Drain liquids may work to a degree, but some of the more stubborn debris and years of calcified matter will get left behind. Sooner or later, the clog from the same spot comes back and you’ll have another plumbing issue in your hands.

Chemicals Can Be Harmful for Your Health

Pouring down drain cleaning products on a kitchen sink that has a garbage disposal is dangerous. The operating mechanism of the disposal can spray the corrosive liquid back and cause burns to your skin, hair or eyes. We wouldn’t recommend using vinegar or bleach as the ingredients and fumes can be toxic and harmful for your pipes and your health.

Higher Risk of Clogs and Emergencies

Pouring down bleach can cause a reaction with other substances and compounds in the drain pipes, further plugging up your plumbing. Home remedies add more items to come in contact with your pipe materials and calcified deposits, which increases the chance of sewer line failures and plumbing emergencies. Eventually, you’ll have to call in a professional to have your pipes properly cleaned or repaired.

Instead of reaching for do-it-yourself pipe cleaner, call your local team at The Pipeshark. Our latest equipment and skill can eliminate the source of the clog problem quickly and with minimal disruption. Hydro jetting and HD camera ensures a proper flow and you get the best solution in the long term.

Who Is The Best Plumber For Commercial, Retail, Municipal, & Industrial Plumbing Repairs In Philadelphia?

If you’re looking for someone with the experience, the knowledge, and the tools to correct any plumbing issues in your commercial, retail, municipal, or industrial complex or building, look no further than Pipeshark. We have all the tools, experience, and knowledge you need to get the job done right the first time.

Commercial & Retail Plumbing In Philadelphia
Here at Pipeshark, we understand exactly why you’re in business. You need good reviews and ratings, which means you can’t have dust, noise, smells or other things flying around, interrupting your regular flow and steady work. That’s why we work closely with you to create a seamless solution that’s won’t interrupt your work and flow, making sure that you don’t have to stop everything to fix a problem.

We know how to manage a job- the biggest job, from sewer replacement, to smaller jobs like drain cleaning- into manageable steps that take less time and energy, and we work day and night to make sure that the job is completed on time. We ensure client safety and comfort as well as employee safety and comfort, since we know we’re there to support what you do, not interfere with it. We’re licensed, insured, and registered; we have certified pipe fusers and pipe bursting trainers; and all employees are full-time and background checked, ensuring the job is done right.

Industrial Plumbing In Philadelphia
Just like anything else, industrial plumbing brings its own challenges. That’s why we bring the best to the table. We offer both traditional excavational methods as well as new trenchless technologies, like pipe bursting, pipe lining, CIPP, pipe boring, directional drilling, and slip-lining. Because our pipe bursting equipment is top-notch, we can upsize piping without digging it up and causing unnecessary problems. We work on-location at factory-office multi-use properties, heavy manufacturing buildings, industrial parks, and light manufacturing buildings.

Call Pipeshark For All Of Your Commercial Plumbing Needs In Philadelphia
We work closely with you to put together specially designed solutions and fixes that are perfect for whatever needs you have in-house that are most compatible with the equipment and fixtures that you already have installed. Call us today at (610) 993-9300 for you industrial, municipal, commercial, or retail plumbing help.

Keeping Drain Repair Affordable

Do you know how old your plumbing system is? Drain lines, pipes, and sewer lines in your home or business all have an average life expectancy. For example, supply lines are usually made from brass, copper, or galvanized steel, and can last for 50 years. Drain lines are made from cast iron, which can last up to 100 years, while PVC can last for hundreds of years.

However, all of these pipes and lines are subjected to harsh environments. On the inside, they have to carry water in and out, and on the outside, they have to withstand the weight of soil, pavement, and anything else on top. These factors will take a toll, especially if they don’t get any regular maintenance services.

Keeping Drain Repair Affordable

When drain pipes fail or when they reach the end of their life expectancy, you will either have to start patching up any broken or cracked pieces or replace whole lines, which might seem like a daunting task.

But don’t worry.

Nowadays doing this is not as complicated as it used to be. A couple of decades ago when you needed to repair or replace your plumbing pipes you would need to have a team of plumbers and contractors dig them out. Some of these pipes were buried underneath the lawn and driveways, so getting to them meant having to destroy the landscape.

After the pipes were fixed or replaced, they were covered with soil again and you were left with a huge, ugly mess. Worst of all, this process could take weeks and was very expensive. Can you imagine having to pass your day listening to loud machines breaking concrete or digging up soil, filling up your house with dust and making your life miserable? Fortunately, those days are gone thanks to new technology that is keeping drain repair affordable.

Exact Diagnostics and Prevention

It all starts with an inspection of your pipes. Using a video camera, our technician will see what is going on inside your pipes.  This will let us observe any obstructions, cracks, or broken pipe sections. Once we know exactly what the problems are, we have the experience and equipment required to solve them.

If the pipes are in good enough condition, we might be able to repair them using a process called CIPP, where a liner covered in epoxy is inserted into the pipe. Once the epoxy cures, the liner is removed and a pipe within the pipe is created.

When the line is not salvageable, we will need to replace it. But instead of digging it up, we insert an expanding head that bursts it from the inside and then pull a section of new pipe into the cavity. No more digging is required, and this process can be completed in a day.

The next time you experience any problems with your sewer or drains, get in touch with us. PipeShark has been in business for over 100 years, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing. Let us put our experience at your service; schedule your appointment at 610-993-9300 and let’s get your problem solved for good.


How to carry out a drain inspection in Lancaster?

drain inspection in Lancaste

Anybody that owns a piece of property has to be concerned about things like cleaning out drains and the condition of the main sewer lines that are connected to their home. In fact, a lot of homeowners undoubtedly worried about how to carry out a drain inspection in Lancaster. This is understandable, largely because it is extremely difficult to deal with these types of problems once an issue has been allowed to go on for too long. It is much easier to have that drain inspected and know up front what any potential problems are before it actually becomes obvious to the homeowner.

With that being said, how does a homeowner carry out these types of inspections?

You might be wondering about this question yourself because you are thinking of selling your home or buying a new home. Perhaps what you really want to do is stay in your home, yet make sure that everything is in good working condition. It is easy to forget about things like drains and sewer lines because you don’t really see them. However, when a problem does occur, it usually occurs in rather spectacular fashion and it can end up costing you a lot of time and money as the homeowner. It is often a lot less troublesome, not to mention far more economical, to deal with the problem long before anything major really happens.

The best thing that you can do if you want to carry out a drain inspection is to call a company that is certified in this type of work, someone that has both the experience and the knowledge to do it correctly. You can easily find these companies by looking online or, if you like doing things according to the old school method, you can look in the phone book. Either way, it is imperative that you find a company that knows exactly what they are doing and is capable of getting the job done in a minimum amount of time without doing a lot of damage to your property.

Now that you have that information, it is time to get down to explaining the business of doing the sewer & drain inspections themselves. The easiest way to conduct these types of inspections is with the use of a camera. Most professional companies have these tools at their disposal and they make a world of difference. There is only so much inspection that can occur with the naked eye, as it is impossible to see far enough into a drain to understand what types of problems might be going on there unless they are immediately visible right at the surface. These small cameras can be fed down into the drains and then provide real-time information to the professionals who are operating them. This in turn provides you with the knowledge that you need as a homeowner to understand exactly what is going on deep inside your drains, not to mention your sewer lines.

The best thing about these types of drain inspections is that they don’t take very long to conduct and they require no damage to your property whatsoever. In addition, you have the opportunity of finding out exactly what is going on because it is easier to get an up-close view of the drain in order to examine it for any problems that might not really be visible at first glance. In other words, it gives you the peace of mind that you need. You know that the drains are in good condition or you know exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done to remedy the situation. Either way, having this knowledge is the most important step in the entire process because it allows you to move forward with a greater degree of confidence as a homeowner.

In reality, this is something that can be carried out in a single afternoon with only one or two individuals present. When you consider how easy it is to accomplish this task, it becomes readily apparent how important it is to have your drains inspected. Plumbing problems have a way of hiding themselves until it is almost too late. By the time you notice a problem with the naked eye, you could be in over your head, so to speak. Drain inspections are an ideal way to avoid exactly those types of problems, saving you both time and money, not to mention a great deal of frustration.

The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning Service in Columbus.

Drain Cleaning Service

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Why Do You Need to Call Professionals for Sewer Line Repair

sewer repair

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