Common Misconceptions About Pipe Bursting

Over the last decade, trenchless pipe bursting in Philadelphia, PA, suburbs has become a huge help for property owners and contractors alike. Anyone in need of addressing sewer line issues has found that this minimally invasive solution to be quite beneficial. This innovative technique is one of the top recommendations we offer here at Pipeshark.

Before you consider this service, let us clarify some of the misconceptions about pipe bursting and its application.

Pipe Bursting Is Expensive

The process refers to a no-dig method of replacing buried pipelines or installing new ones. These pipelines may contain either water, sewer, or natural gas. Instead of using traditional excavation for pipe-laying, our pipe bursting contractors simply insert a bursting head to replace a damaged sewer pipe.

That does not mean however that it will have to exceed your budget. In fact, it is a more cost-effective option. After all, extensive digging calls for lots of time and money to repair and reconstruct. Trenchless pipe bursting technology, as mentioned, does not require excavating the land.

It Requires More Effort and Resources

Excavations call or a large crew to use heavy machinery in digging up land for pipe-laying. That simply means that traditional methods can add up to your costs by the time the project is complete. Trenchless pipe bursting equipment, on the other hand, requires only a small access point and few technicians, which saves you on labor and other costs.

It Can Still Pose the Same Risks

Given that pipe bursting services do not necessitate too many pieces of equipment, these are eco-friendly. People around don’t get exposed to toxic substances such as asbestos and unhealthy mold.

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Pipe bursting courtesy of Pipeshark has clear environmental and financial benefits, which is in contrast to some of the myths about it. If you ever require this kind of service, reach out to our team right away. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.