Trenchless Pipe Lining: The Eco-Friendly Solution

In the past, repairing a broken or damaged sewer pipe often required extensive digging and destruction to surrounding plant life, but modern trenchless repair solutions now allow the team here at Pipeshark to perform this task with little to no surface activity. If you’re concerned about your property’s natural surroundings, you’re sure to appreciate the many ecological benefits of trenchless pipe lining in Paoli, PA.

Reduced Erosion

Soil disturbance and the erosion that results can greatly impact the environment. Digging up a pipeline disrupts the natural soil profile in the excavated area and may cause loss of important topsoil. Eroded soil can also choke waterways and harm wildlife habitats. One major benefit of CIPP pipe lining is that it’s performed on a pipe while it’s still buried, so no soil excavation is required.

Limited Equipment Mobilization

The entire cast iron pipe lining process can be carried out quickly and without the deployment of heavy equipment. In most cases, all the tools and supplies that are needed can be transported to the site by a single work truck. This greatly lowers fuel consumption and reduces the project’s overall carbon footprint.

Environmentally Responsible Materials

When you choose us for sewer pipe lining, you can rest assured that we only use products that are designed to be safe and sustainable. The manufacturing process for our epoxy liners results in no carbon emissions, and the liners are chemically inert. This means that there’s little possibility of hazardous chemicals escaping into the air or leaching into the soil at any point before, during or after installation.

Your search among reputable pipe lining companies in and around Paoli, PA, will be over the moment you discover Pipeshark. Contact us today to learn more about our trenchless pipe repair services and to request an appointment at your earliest convenience.