Why You Should Consider Trenchless Solutions Even if Excavation is Possible

Trenchless technology has won the hearts of many homeowners and industry professionals. Many people nowadays prefer it in their homes. According to experts at Pipeshark, your trusted pipe lining company offering trenchless sewer repair in West Chester, PA, trenchless solutions should be considered even if excavation is possible because of the following reasons.


Trenchless sewer replacement is a time-saving method. With the technology, replacing the sewer line is faster as it takes less time to install the new sewer piping. You save more time as there is no need to dig extensively. It’s most likely that you prefer not having an entire crew spending more days in your residence. Some homeowners even relocate during sewer line replacement. However, with trenchless solutions, you wouldn’t be forced to relocate when the work is in progress since it takes less time.

Pocket friendly

Trenchless pipe repair involves fewer structural modifications. The manual labor initially needed to dig trenches is no longer required for minimally invasive and less disruptive solutions. It reduces the cost of replacing the sewer lines. There are also less personnel needed, thus reducing the price further. 

High-quality sewer system

The sewer infrastructure is joint-less as it uses a joint-free piping technology. Most traditional sewer lines burst around the joint. Since trenchless technology is joint-free, you do not need to worry about further issues around the joints. Therefore, you should consider trenchless pipe replacement and repairs since they are long-lasting solutions. 


Trenchless repairs use techniques that do not damage the environment even during the sewer line replacement. You do not have to dig out the landscape so you wouldn’t destroy the environment through extensive excavation.

When it comes to services such as trenchless pipe lining, Pipeshark is here to address your needs. Our experts are well-equipped to provide you with minimally invasive services at reasonable prices. Contact us today!