What to Look for in a Pipe Bursting Contractor

If you believe that there’s a pipe bursting and replacement project in your near future, it’s critical to locate a knowledgeable contractor that you can count on. We here at Pipeshark offer the following tips on what you should look for when screening plumbers to handle the work.

Proven Expertise

Trenchless pipe bursting in Bryn Mawr, PA is a highly specialized service that should never be tackled by inexperienced personnel. It’s always a good idea to request details on the contractor’s training and hands-on experience and to ask for references from previous clients who have benefited from their pipe bursting services.

A Commitment to Professionalism

As with most home service providers, you should check to ensure that your pipe bursting contractors are fully licensed to offer this service. Adequate corporate insurance is a necessity, and membership in local and national professional organizations related to plumbing and trenchless repairs is a definite plus.

Great Customer Service

Your ideal pipe bursting contractor will be an individual who is fully familiar with pipe bursting technology and who also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to customer care. A quick response to phone calls and a willingness to listen to your concerns are two positive traits to seek out.

Quality Equipment

One final thing to look for when screening contractors for your pipe bursting project is whether they possess sufficient pipe bursting equipment or have access to the necessary tools to carry out the work. Having the right supplies on hand will make almost any project proceed more smoothly.

Trust Our Dedicated Team

Your search for a reputable contractor for trenchless pipe bursting should start with a call to Pipeshark. Our crew is standing by to book a service visit to your location at your earliest convenience.

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