An Overview of Sewer Point Repair

Sewer point repair is a method of repairing damaged sewer pipes without the disruptive work involved in traditional repairs. Instead, sewer points are “pointed” and sealed from within the pipe itself using high-powered equipment. Pipeshark, the leader in trenchless sewer repair in Paoli, PA, discusses what you need to know about this method of repair.

How It Compares With Traditional Repairs

A damaged sewer pipe can cause sewage to back up through the drains and toilets on the property. To repair this, most technicians would have to dig up deep trenches on your property to locate the damaged pipe. Locating the pipe alone can take hours and cause major disruptions to your home. Due to the laborious and long process of digging trenches, traditional repairs and replacements could take weeks to complete. Fortunately, trenchless pipe repair is now an option for a more efficient repair process.

The Advantage of Sewer Point Repair

The advent of trenchless sewer point repair meant that sewer lines could now be repaired from the inside. Rather than tearing up your yard, all that’s needed to be done for trenchless sewer replacement is to locate the damage through a sewer camera inspection and access it through the sewer points on your property. Then with high-pressure water jets, broken sewer lines could be cleaned out and patched quickly and easily from within.

The big advantage of trenchless repairs is that there is essentially no disruption to the homeowner or business. Trenchless pipe lining, for instance, can be completed in mere hours and leaves you with a like-new pipe that’s durable and will last for years.

Sewer point repair is one of the efficient services that we offer at Pipeshark. This is a great fix for severely damaged sewer lines that cannot be repaired via other methods. When in need of reliable sewer point repair, trenchless pipe replacement, or other solutions, get in touch with Pipeshark today.