More Facts About Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a minimally invasive process that involves breaking a pipe and installing one or more new pipes inside the old pipe. Pipeshark, experts in trenchless pipe bursting in West Chester, PA shares the following facts about pipe bursting.

The type of pipe determines the method used

Pipe bursting cannot be used on all types of pipes as it may not work for underground lines or corroded metal pipes. Pipe materials such as steel, polyethene, and copper are more difficult to burst. Our pipe bursting contractors are skilled in testing if your pipes are suited for bursting or not. The only way an operator can be sure which pressure level will break the pipe is to test it.

Pipe bursting should only be done by a professional

A damaged pipe can cause other issues to your property when not addressed promptly and effectively, so it’s important to reach out to an expert that specializes in pipe bursting technology. Your contractor should always provide you with a map of your property showing where the pipe will be cut and repaired. Before any work begins, the contractor must get written permission from every individual or organization who has some form of authority or stake on that pipeline.

Proper ground cleaning

With the right tools and equipment, it is possible to complete pipe bursting quickly by eliminating obstructions, including sediments from damaged pipes. Our team uses quality pipe bursting equipment that guarantees the safety of our technicians. The process includes breaking the old line, installing new piping inside it, filling in the gaps, and conducting another cleaning and camera inspection to make sure everything is clean and clear.

Seek permission from the authorities

Before beginning any work on your property, precautions such as getting written permission from all individuals and organizations connected to that pipeline is vital. This makes sure that if the technique does interfere with the main pipeline, you are risk-free.

When we replace and repair the old pipe, we also increase the capacity of your pipes and improve its durability. For efficient pipe bursting services, don’t hesitate to contact Pipeshark today. Be sure to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment with our team.