What Causes Clogs in Your Sewer Line

Some of the sewer line issues like clogs are inevitable. When a clog accumulates in your sewer line, they cause mucky sewage to come back from drains into your house. To avoid any form of damage to your floors, walls, and appliances, contact Pipeshark, a reputable company offering trenchless pipe lining in Bryn Mawr, PA. But what causes clogs in a sewer line? Our trained professionals expound on the following causes:

1. Tree root infiltration

The construction of older sewer lines involved clay and porous materials, creating room for roots to penetrate. In their search for water and other nutrients, tree roots make their way into your pipes through cracks on their surface. If you suspect that you have roots in your system, be sure to schedule a professional inspection with your local plumbing company. After removing the roots, we’ll recommend sewer pipe lining to fix the cracks in your pipes.

2. Damaged lines

Damage occurs in sewer lines due to various reasons like improper maintenance and old pipes. Signs of damaged sewer lines include leaking joints, pipe rupture, and corrosion on pipes causing the pipe to collapse or break. A damaged sewer line can develop clogs over time, so it’s important to deal with the issue right away. Our expert technicians will provide you with cast iron pipe lining to restore your pipes and prevent clogs from forming.

3. Pouring grease into the drains

Fats, oil, and grease are some of the leading causes of clogging lines. It’s not advisable to pour them down your drains, as they can create serious blockages when they cool. If your sink has been draining much slower lately, it could be because of a clogged sewer line. You may benefit from a thorough drain cleaning and CIPP pipe lining.

4. Debris

Debris, including soap scum, toilet paper, and foreign objects, accumulates over time and blocks the sewer line. To avoid blockage, avoid flushing anything except human waste and toilet paper in your toilet.

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