When Should You Repair or Replace Sewer Line?

Determining which course of action to take is oftentimes the most difficult aspect of dealing with plumbing issues. Do you go the repair route or do you undertake a full replacement procedure? If you’re in need of a trenchless pipe replacement or a trenchless sewer repair in Philadelphia, PA, The Pipeshark is the only team you’ll need. Our plumbers are licensed, experienced.

Below are some tips that can help you decide whether to repair or replace Sewer Line!

Foul Sewage Odors

If your sewer line is acting up and emanating foul odors, try to determine the source of the stench. Sewage leaking from pipes requires immediate attention. In most cases, when this occurs, sewage emits a chlorine-like odor. You’ll need trenchless pipe replacement to restore the integrity of the sewer line.

Blocked Drains

Sewer lines that have stopped draining completely call for immediate attention. Most often, the problem can be traced back to a broken or collapsed pipe. If such is the case, a trenchless pipe repair procedure may not be enough and the drain pipe has to be replaced promptly.

Water Stains in Your Walls or Ceilings

The problem with hidden water leaks is that you don’t notice them until they start damaging floors or walls. And by that time, it’s almost always too late for simple solutions. The first step, in this case, is to determine the source of the leak and address the damage. Oftentimes, a simple repair will suffice instead of a full trenchless sewer replacement procedure.

Soft Spots in Your

When there is a sewer line leak, water will naturally flow and pool. You may see soft or muddy spots in your yard where water has collected as time passes. In most cases where a sewer line gets broken, a trenchless pipe lining procedure is enough.

If you are experiencing one of these problems and need help deciding on the best course of action to take, call us at The Pipeshark. We provide quality repairs and replacement services at budget-friendly rates!