When Is Slip Lining Ideal?

Slip lining is a standard method used in trenchless technology. It is an affordable way to replace sewer and water force mains. If you’re interested in rehabilitating your pipes, then you should contact Pipeshark, one of the leading pipe lining companies in Philadelphia, PA. Here are some of the situations that warrant slip lining:

Repair Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common sewer problems we encounter. Traditionally, we would have to excavate your property in order to get to the damage and repair it. With trenchless pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA, we can solve your problem without creating a huge mess. Slip lining is especially handy, as it consists of installing a smaller carrier pipe inside of an existing pipeline. This allows us to repair the damage with minimal disturbances to your property.

Restore Structural Stability

Cast iron pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA can help improve your pipe system’s structural stability. It stops anything from infiltrating your system and restores integrity to the host pipe. Slip lining also uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to line the pipe, which provides added strength and durability. 

Misshapen Pipes

Some pipes can become misshapen from being under extensive pressure. CIPP pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA can help solve this problem. This process inserts a felt liner through your existing pipe. The felt liner is soaked in a mixture of resin and epoxy and it takes on the shape of your existing pipe. After the liner is in place, hot air is forced through the length of your pipe. This step hardens the felt liner and makes a new pipe in a more ideal shape.

Many homeowners are looking for a practical and cost-effective way to repair their sewer system. Pipeshark recommends sewer pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA as the ideal repair method. Contact us today to learn more about our sewer repair and replacement services.

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