Top Materials for Slip Lining

Pipes can become damaged from old age or the constant use of chemicals. Damage usually comes in the form of leaks and should be dealt with immediately. When in need of prompt sewer line repairs, we recommend calling a professional like Pipeshark. We use a variety of methods to perform repairs, depending on the cause and severity of the situation.

One repair method we use is trenchless pipe lining in Paoli, PA. With this method, we won’t have to dig a hole in your property to patch up the pipe. Read on to find out about the top materials we use for slip lining.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is a material that we use to line the pipe. It is a thermoplastic made from petroleum that boasts excellent durability and versatility. High-density Polyethylene is also impact and weather-resistant, which is a common feature for materials used in pipe lining. If you need to replace a portion of an iron sewer force main, you may want to consider a cast iron pipe lining in Paoli, PA.


Pipe lining companies in Paoli, PA often use slip lining to improve the stability of damaged pipes. This process involves inserting a smaller pipe in the existing pipe. A PVC slip liner is used to provide structural support and improve flow to the damaged existing pipe. 

Fiberglass-Reinforced Pipe (FRP)

FRP pipes are made from thermoset plastic. This type of plastic is made by reinforcing fabric layers that are saturated with a thermosetting resin. The resin is corrosive- and fire-resistant, making it a great choice for pipe lining. It is also a common material used in CIPP pipe lining in Paoli, PA.

We use a variety of materials to repair damaged pipes.To prevent further damage to your property, be sure to call Pipeshark at the first sign of problems.We offer a range of repair and replacement services, including sewer pipe lining in Paoli, PA. Contact us today to learn more.

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