What You Need to Know About Sewer Lateral Inspections

The sewer lateral is a vital part of your home as it connects it to the main sewer line. This part of the plumbing system guarantees that waste from your home is safely ejected to the sewer main in the street. This system gives your home the ability to get rid of toilet waste, sink water and bathroom water by guiding it through the drains and into the sewer lines. It is recommended that these systems be inspected occasionally to ensure this system works as it should as they are part of your home’s wellbeing. Sewer lateral inspection in Philadelphia, PA suburbs can be done using cameras, thanks to the innovativeness of Pipeshark.

Here’s what you need to know about this process.

Why It’s Necessary

Over time, sewer laterals get dirty, and this leads to blockage, clogging and, in some cases, damage to the lines. When these lines are damaged, your home is placed at risk of property damage. Waste can get backed up and cause flooding and spills in your home. The resulting mess can pose health hazards. These inspections help you pinpoint possible risks in the system to help effect repairs and avoid further damage. Keep in mind that the homeowner is responsible for the part of the sewer lateral that is often referred to as the private sewer lateral. At times, this can mean the whole sewer lateral from the property to the main.


Homeowners can use various techniques to carry out sewer lateral inspections. A simple one is inserting a cable-like instrument and pushing it through the pipe. This checks for blockages and clears them in the process. It, however, does not pinpoint leaks and cracks. Video and camera inspections come in handy here. This specialized equipment is inserted into the pipe, and it takes either photos or videos of every stage of the sewer line. It is a camera head mounted on the end of a flexible fiberglass push rod.

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PipeShark has made it easy to carry out sewer lateral inspection in Philadelphia, PA suburbs. They recommend that homeowners schedule inspections at least once a year to ensure that their sewer laterals are in optimal condition.

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