Benefits of Cast Iron Pipe Lining

From being resistant to fire and insect damage to offering superior noise reduction so you don’t hear your pipes as they do their thing, there are many wonderful qualities associated with cast iron pipes – although they can start to deteriorate after about 25 years. If you have older pipes made from cast iron that need attention, you may benefit from trenchless pipe lining in Bryn Mawr, PA. It’s an alternative to excavation offered by Pipeshark that can offer many appealing benefits. We discuss the top ones below.

Extending Cast Iron Pipe Life

While cast iron pipes can start to deteriorate after a quarter of a century, they do have the potential to last for many decades beyond this point. What sewer pipe lining can do is create a like-new surface inside of your older cast iron pipes to help them last longer.

Fixing Cast Iron Pipes without Ruining Your Landscape

Unlike the CIPP pipe lining process, traditional excavation to repair or replace a cast iron pipe typically leaves you with landscape restoration work to do once the pipe work is done. With cast iron pipe lining, however, the corroded, worn, or older cast iron pipe can be repaired in a way that leaves your landscape intact.

Saving You Money

Lastly, cast iron pipe lining can save you money and contribute to long-term savings. For one thing, you won’t have to completely replace your cast iron pipes. Plus, you can enjoy the many benefits of durable cast iron pipes without having to worry about costly repairs. The new lining also prevents issues with water quality from corroded interior surfaces.

Breathe New Life into Your Cast Iron Pipes Today

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