Is Pipe Bursting a Long-Term Solution?

If you are struggling with the pipes in your home such as your septic system, it’s time to consider pipe bursting. To be clear, pipe bursting isn’t your pipes actually bursting and leaking water all over the place. What we are referring to is this technology being used to form a trenchless pipe/utility replacement so there is no need to dig, tear up the garden, driveway, or take down that lovely tree. If you find your sewer line needs to be replaced, contact a pipe bursting company such as Pipeshark to help guide you.

A Great Solution in the Long Run

Pipe bursting services will have your yard and schedule looking back to normal in no time. Going the traditional route to replace the pipe will significantly disturb your yard and could lead to spending more money in the long run due to heavy equipment costs. This new technology is safe, effective and will help the earth as less soil will be disturbed. And yes, it is a long-term solution as it can extend the life of your sewer line for many years to come.

Dealing With a Common Problem

Failed sewer lines can lead to problems and eventually cause damage to your property if not repaired. Trenchless pipe bursting in West Chester, PA, can assist with the quick repair of a septic or sewer line. With Pipeshark, the effective and quick replacement of sewer pipes is easier and stress-free. The only requirement is two small areas need to be excavated.

The pipe bursting equipment doesn’t weigh a lot, unlike traditional heavy equipment that can cause extensive damage to your home. The old way of digging up the entire yard for access to the sewer line is no longer necessary. Once the two access points are created, Pipeshark can install a new pipe right along the path of the old one.

Work With Our Team

We rely on pipe bursting technology is a cable made from steel that runs through the old pipe. There is a bursting head attached to the end of the cable. This head is a little bit larger than the old pipe so it can be pulled through. The brand-new pipe is pushed up into the surrounding soil and then the old pipe is broken. This is all completed in one motion and doesn’t have to disturb the surrounding soil.

Contact your trusted pipe bursting contractors at Pipeshark. We are licensed, insured, and registered with the state. Benefit from a new long-term solution to get your sewer line back in service. Each individual who works on the pipe is certified in pipe fusion and bursting technology bringing peace of mind to the replacement process. Schedule an appointment with our team today.