West Chester Sewer Line Repair


Many systems in the home, such as electrical and heating, get a lot of attention. But your sewer line is the most important on a day to day basis because if it fails it causes a number of different problems. Backed up sewage is a danger to the health of you and your family, while the backed up water flow can do significant structural damage.

Knowing what the source of the potential problems can be can save you time, money, and frustration by calling a professional for sewer line repair West Chester.

Potential Problems

Many of the problems that occur in a sewer line go unseen because it is hidden underground and most people do not notice it – until it stops working properly. Here are some of the problems that can occur and go unnoticed for months.

A bellied pipe is a problem that occurs when the sewer line sinks because the ground underneath has sunk. The result is that there is an area that has the potential to collect waste water and sewage. Areas that have experienced significant flooding are areas that may be more likely to experience this problem.

Leaking joints are a common problem. Your sewer line is usually not a single piece of pipe but several sections of pipe connected together. The joints of these different sections can leak, and the water will begin to pool up around the point of the leakage.

An assortment of problems including a collapsed pipe, a broken or cracked pipe, and an offset pipe are in the group of the more common problems homeowners and businesses encounter with sewer lines. Where the natural environment has extreme temperatures or unusually heavy rain fall, the conditions are present for sewer lines to suffer various degrees of damage.

A backed up sewer line is often is the result of corrosion or inferior pipe material that leads to corrosion. But not always. Anything from excessive grease buildup to a foreign object being caught in the pipeline can slow or restrict water flow, resulting in the line professionally cleared.

Realistic Solutions

All of these problems and more can be identified and repaired when you contact a professional company for sewer line repair in West Chester. We have both the experience and the knowledge to find and repair every type of sewer line problem promptly and effectively. We offer realistic solutions, including:

The trench method is the most commonly used way to immediately deal with the problem. This is done by digging up the area where the problem is located and, cleaning up the area, and then making the necessary repairs. But while this traditional method is often used, it has the potential to cause some environmental problems.

A more environmentally friendly way to repair a sewer line is known as “trenchless” repair. Like the name sounds, the repairs are made without digging up your backyard or disturbing the environment.

One such method is pipe bursting. This method drills a number of small holes in the pipe at the location of the damage, then replaces the broken section with a new section of pipe by pulling it through your existing sewer line. The old section of pipe will be broken up and the new section of pipe will immediately replace it.

A second method is called relining your pipe. Instead of attempting to dig out or remove the existing pipe, a new pipe is inserted inside the old pipe, creating what is basically a pipe within a pipe.

Get Professional Assistance

Not every sewer lines problem requires trenching or trenchless techniques Only a professional company can properly identify what the problem is and the best way to handle the problem. To get the best service from a team of qualified professionals, contact us for sewer line repair West Chester. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become.

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