Phoenixville, Pennsylvania sewer repair

According to experts in the field, the most common sign of sewer issues is water backing up out of a drain or toilet plumbing. Another indicator involves your washing machine. If each time you use the washer the toilet makes a percolating noise, there is a problem. Additionally, a pool of water around the floor drain in the basement means it’s time to call an outside plumbing professional. If utility protection insurance is available our free estimate will assist you with submitting the claim.


When in need of Phoenixville, PA sewer repair get the job done by a licensed and experienced team of plumbers. Our prices are competitive and we are able to provide same day service when necessary. Master plumbers will accurately determine where the damaged or worn out pipe is located in your system. Before starting any work we will always review the official sewer pipe plans for your community. Our staff provides full disclosure when discussing the best methods to resolve the situation.

Repair methods can include using a backhoe to access the damaged pipes and then refill the area after the work is done. Trenchless sewer line repair is our preferred method. This technology involves digging smaller access points on the property to reach the source of the problem. The technique is less costly and results in minimal damage to landscaping and driveways.

The most common concerns are broken, offset or collapsed pipes. For damaged pipes, relining is the best approach. This involves creating a replacement pipe inside your bad pipe. Non-hazardous epoxy relining materials are molded to the inside to create a new inner wall. Little digging is required, most often the relining can be accomplished through the home’s clean out entry point. If a camera view is needed it will also be inserted into this opening. Relining also fixes leaking joints by closing the broken seals in the pipe. Most damage by tree and shrub root invasion can also be taken care of with this method.

Blockages due to grease buildup or a foreign object are another issue. When this happens wastewater flow to the main sewer line or one of the secondary lines becomes restricted. Conventional sewer systems operate with a main line connecting to sewer mains along the street or road. Waste water from your home is directed through increasing larger mains and pumping stations. Most of Montgomery County’s wastewater is treated at the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, D.C.

A network of secondary lines in your house flow into the main line. If the clog is in the main, any water used in the household will cause problems. Problems in a secondary line will be confined to that section. Plumbing rods are often used in these instances. The plumber will first locate an inspection opening. These covered holes allow the rod to be inserted below the blockage, then pushed up to remove the problem.

Pipe corrosion also effects the water flow of the system and usually requires replacement. Unfortunately, substandard original materials can also cause problems for homeowners. Our company has done an extensive amount of sewer line repair in Phoenixville and Marple Newtown, PA. Our expertise covers all aspects of plumbing from bellied pipes to overflow cleanups.

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