Tips on Preventing Pipe Corrosion

There’s not much you can do if your pipes are already rusted and corroded, other than trenchless pipe lining in Philadelphia, PA from a trusted provider like Pipeshark. If things haven’t reached that stage though, there are a few things you can do to prevent the problem from ever occurring.

Get Your Cast Iron Pipes Lined

One of the best ways to prevent old cast iron pipes from rusting is to get cast iron pipe lining done on your plumbing system. This pipe lining can be done with a trenchless machine that doesn’t involve tearing up your property. We use the latest technology to upgrade your pipes and protect them against corrosion.

Control the PH Level

The acidity of the water that travels through your pipes can be destructive. If your water is either too acidic or too alkaline, you may experience piping problems that require sewer pipe lining. You can have a water softener installed that has calcium and magnesium salts. These help the water be more alkaline, since hard water can be quite acidic due to limestone and other mineral buildup.

Keep Your Pipes Clean

Pipe lining companies are the place to go if your pipes are already corroded or damaged, but they can be helpful for prevention as well. Companies like ours can help get your sewer system corrosion safe via a thorough pipe cleaning. We use cameras to guide our way, and a powerful spray of water that knocks lodged dirt and debris from your pipes. Without buildup there, your pipes are far less likely to crack or corrode. This service should be done once every year or two to be most effective.

Pipeshark is proud to offer the best CIPP pipe lining the area has to offer. If it’s too late for preventative treatments, give us a call right away. Our trained team will help you get the assistance you need. Contact us today for an appointment.