How Are Sewer Camera Inspections So Accurate?

Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love! But one thing people can’t help but not to love is probably expensive maintenance to their homes, especially when they didn’t see it coming. One lonely and forgotten component of a home is a plumbing system. And what most people tend to forget is how important it is to get routine maintenance done.

When was the last time you had your pipes cleaned or inspected? If you can’t easily answer that question or if the answer is never, you could be setting yourself up for a big time expense and an emergency call to your local plumber in the near future.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Luckily, Pipeshark has an option that will save you a huge headache. We perform sewer camera inspections that trump the old way of evaluating pipes from the outside and digging up your entire yard to do so. It may go without saying, but what better way to evaluate pipes than from up close and personal from the inside?

The inside of pipes can tell us a lot about not only the current condition of the pipes, but also about the future condition of the pipes as well. Build up, corrosion, blockages and inner cracks can all be seen during our sewer camera inspection, something an external view could never tell us.

How is a Sewer Inspection so Accurate?

Pipeshark’s sewer camera inspections are done with our specialized, high-definition sewer cameras. The camera takes a combination of video as well as photos of the inside of your pipes. But pipes are dark and very yucky at most times. How can we get such a clear view by not directly accessing the pipes themselves? We are able to rely on the combination of a radio transmitter and an infrared light to get a clear view of what we are working with. The video and photos allow us to closely examine each part of the pipes and study the condition throughout.

The camera is attached to a long cable that is extended through the entire course of your drainage system. This is beneficial because no one area needs to be pinpointed. Instead, an evaluation is done of your entire piping system. Sure, there might be a specific issue that is calling for this inspection.

We might already know of a problem area. But with this technology, we are able to review the entire system with a no-dig method, which doesn’t make it inconvenient to look at the whole course of your system. It’s no harder to look at one part than it is to look at the whole thing.

This accurate analysis allows our technicians to diagnose any pre-existing issues as well as spot any early signs of issues that may arise in the future. This preventative action allows us to fix any issues and pinpoint any problem areas ahead of time, saving you an emergency fix later on. Why wait until it’s too late? The only thing overflowing in Philadelphia should be love! Get your pipes inspected today with Pipeshark’s sewer camera inspections to prevent your next emergency sewer repair or replacement.

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