What You Need to Know About Sewer Repair in West Chester

Have you ever run into unexpected sewer problems that need repairing? If you’re a homeowner in the West Chester area, then chances are one day you will. Sewer pipes can cause many problems in your home, and not just when one breaks.

Normally when we think of plumbing problems, we imagine backed up toilets and tubs. But your sewage pipes can develop pinhole leaks, allowing for a slow drip that eventually becomes a huge problem. Small leaks can cause massive damage over time, causing issues you’d never thought you had to worry about.

The worse part? These problems remain underground, so it’s possible you pay for underground leaking water, and not notice for years.

That is why here are some thing you need to know about sewer repairs. We will talk about costs, ways to prevent surprises, and solutions to sewage problems.

Plumbing and Homeowner’s Insurance

For example, you use your toilet every day. If it suddenly backs up, you and many homeowners probably think you can simply call your homeowner’s insurance company, which covers sudden damages like this to your house.

But wait.

According to Bankrate, many standard insurance policies won’t cover sewage damage. You can either add that to your policy for an additional fee or be completely surprised when it’s too late.

The average cost of a sewer line repair can be anywhere from $3,500 to $20,000 out of pocket! As it turns out, sewage pipe leaks are considered basic maintenance for a house and doesn’t qualify under standard homeowner policies.

By the time you discover a leak, it may have already damaged your property. If the sewage pipe runs under your driveway, how will you access it to replace it? The answer with standard plumbing repairs is to rip up the concrete to access the pipe. You then have to repour your entire driveway if you plan on having one.

The bill is getting bigger by the minute.

The same goes for pipes located under your lawn where you might also have beloved and expensive plants. After a costly and timely procedure, you could be left with a hefty bill. Imagine having to spend days or weeks with your septic turned off. Your neighbors will quickly tire of you running over to use their bathroom. Or you can rent a temporary bathroom, but remember to add that to the bill too.

Inconvenienced, broke, and unhappy - I’ll bet at this point you’re wishing there was another answer.

Luckily there is!

Your Solution for Sewer Repair in West Chester

If you suspect a septic leak is happening in your home, there is an affordable solution that doesn’t require heavy machinery or damage to your property. Signs that you might have a leak include backups into your toilet or bath, strong odor that may originate inside or anywhere outside where the sewage pipe runs, lush patches in grass, presence of mold, waste pooling in the yard, foundation cracks or crumbling, or a new rodent or insect problem.

If you are experiencing any sewer pipe problems, consider the less intrusive option of trenchless plumbing. What this means is it’s not necessary to dig up your property to reach the leak in the pipes. Pipeshark plumbers utilize advanced technology using epoxy pipe lining to give you brand new pipes based on your old ones. It’s more affordable, less destructive, and can be done quickly!

If you are experiencing any type of leak or sewer repair problem, click here to find out more about affordable services in West Chester available to you!