How Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Work?

Traditional pipe repair methods were unorganized operations that weren’t guaranteed to provide the best solution. The pipe repair professionals often had to rely on educated guesses to find the problem, resulting in uncertain diagnostics that could be inaccurate. The repair process itself was long and complicated, requiring trenches to be dug or walls to be torn down, destroying property and increasing the cost of repair.
Fortunately, advancements in technology make it possible for us to develop new solutions and repair processes that can accurately pinpoint the issue without the invasive, expensive process of digging. Our new methods are faster to install, more affordable, and minimize risks.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair is a revolutionary new method in plumbing. It allows us to perform inspections, cleaning, repair, or replacement with no drilling or digging. We use your existing sewer openings or dig up small access holes depending on your system to inspect your pipes and repair them accordingly.
Our inspections utilize an advanced camera that is navigated through your pipes and allows our experts to locate the exact problem plaguing your pipelines. Whether it’s a clog or leak, we will be able to properly identify it. We will discuss the best course of action and solution for the issue.

If the pipe is burst, we will first clean up the entire pipe using high pressure water cleaner. Once this is finished, we use a trenchless pipe repair method called cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe lining method to restore your pipe. A specially mixed epoxy resin is inserted into the pipe with a plastic inflatable sleeve. The sleeve is inflated and lines the inside of the pipe, coating the inner walls with the epoxy resin. The resin is cured after a few hours, and the sleeve is deflated and removed. This new pipe restores water flow and guarantees that the pipe will last for several decades.