Benefits of Pipe Boring

In the past, whenever an underground plumbing problem occurred, technicians used to follow a lengthy process to diagnose the issue. Recently, pipe boring, also called HDD or horizontal directional drilling, has become a standard method of installing utilities, and it has made professional inspections and services easier. The Pipeshark team outlines the benefits that come from using pipe boring during trenchless pipe repair.

1. Faster Installation

Using the pipe boring method compared to digging a trench is faster. Any kind of extensive digging underground just to install a pipe system causes significant damage to the ground and consumes a lot of time to put everything back to normal. In contrast, using modern methods like trenchless pipe lining needs only one pilot hole and equipment to replace underground pipes.

2. Lower Cost

You may have a notion that trenchless sewer repair in Bryn Mawr, PA, will cost you more than using conventional excavation methods. The trenchless technology utilized in pipe boring may seem complex and expensive. However, experts constantly prove that HDD can be more cost-effective than open cut excavation methods. The process uses less machinery compared to the traditional method, which translates to lower costs.

3. Less Disruption

Trenchless pipe replacement causes minor environmental disruptions. Our professionals can bore drilling rigs nearly any obstacle while having zero impact on the surroundings for the length of the pipeline.

4. Enhanced Accuracy

If you live in congested areas where you require accurate yet efficient trenchless sewer replacement, pipe boring is the right direction to go. Precision HDD is accurate during repair, maintenance, and installation.

5. Superlative Safety

Excavation is among the most complex engineering projects. Since safety is paramount, especially to workers, trenchless pipe replacement eliminates many potential issues and accidents as opposed to traditional methods.

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