Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Inspection

The tricky thing about your sewer pipes is that they spend their life underground. Because you can’t see them, it’s nearly impossible to determine if there’s a problem with your pipes. Over the years, your pipes take a lot of wear and tear and are vulnerable to damage. In fact, experts suggest replacing sewer systems every 40 years due to the heavy use they endure.

Fortunately, there is a way to assess the damage and see if you need to replace your pipes or do some sewer repairs: with a professional sewer inspection.

What is sewer inspection?

Sewer inspection is critical to the proper function of your entire plumbing system, but what is it exactly? Just as the name implies, the process inspects the inside of your pipes. By using a high-tech camera, plumbing experts can take a look at the interior of your sewer system in real time. One person will maneuver the camera while another technician reviews the video feed and alerts the other if a problem is found.

What do they look for?

It depends on the situation, but most inspectors look for cracks, breaks, or root intrusion. Inspections are both diagnostic and preventative. If there is a clear problem in your plumbing system, the inspection will look for the origin of the issue. It will pinpoint the exact location of the break for a quick and easy pipe replacement or repair. As a preventative measure, sewer inspection experts look for any damages or discrepancies. A standard inspection will cost about $250, but you can save thousands of dollars in repairs if you catch a small problem before it causes severe damage.

What happens if a problem is found?

If a problem is detected at any time during the inspection, our team will address the best remedy for the situation. Thanks to trenchless pipe repair, there are ways to fix the problem with minimal damage to your lawn. Trenchless technology utilizes a no-dig approach to work within the pipes to seal up any cracks or breaks. Old methods require extensive digging; trenchless methods will not even touch more than 90% of your lawn, driveways or landscape.

Can you say with confidence that your pipes are in their best condition? Invest in a sewer inspection today to ensure your system is protected from a possible plumbing emergency that may come tomorrow.

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