Trenchless Sewer Repair Is a Great Option for Residential Projects

sewer inspectionWhile some home owners understand the importance of major home maintenance tasks, many others are neglectful. Many home owners are quick to update their home interior and design, but some forget to pay attention to the major home projects that need attention.

After about 40 years of use, it’s time to get a sewer inspection if you haven’t already replaced or repaired your sewer. In fact, experts say a sewer’s lifespan depends on various factors like the quality of the area’s water, the number of people living in a home, and the age of the trees in the neighborhood. But if a sewer is 40 years old, it probably needs replacing or a thorough sewer inspection at the very least.

Do I Have to Dig Up My Yard for Sewer Work?
While most sewer work used to require a long process that involved tearing up yards, sidewalks, and landscaping, this is not always the case any more. In fact, trenchless sewer repair has been a residential sewer option for at least the last 15 years. Although 78% of Angie’s List customers say they have never heard of no dig sewer repair, it is a viable option for many residential projects. Trenchless sewer repair is an option that may initially seem expensive, but proves to be cost saving in the end.

Although trenchless repair is often 30% to 50% more expensive than traditional methods, it has many advantages that can end up saving a home owner money. Traditional repairs often involve having to re-sod a yard, replace sidewalks, redo landscaping, and possibly replace damages trees, backyard gazebos and decks. In fact, the restoration costs can often make up for the difference in price between the traditional digging method and the trenchless method.

Are Sewer Inspections Only for Older Homes?
Although many home owners may think of sewer inspections as being necessary for older homes in older parts of the city, this is not always the case. New homes, for instance, with new plumbing can be connected to old sewer lines. A sewer camera inspection can assess the integrity of the system in your home, as well as where the system continues. Knowing ahead of time that future problems exist can help home owners budget for major repairs and replacement costs.

It is true sewer damage caused by deteriorating pipes in older homes can cause extensive damage, but unexpected sewer damage in a new home is just as costly. In some instances, the damage to a new home can be even more expensive to repair. Think of the value of your newly finished basement and compare that to the value of a partially finished basement in a much older home.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Prevent a Sewer Emergency in My Home?
Like many things in life, prevention is always the best bet. Being proactive and scheduling a sewer inspection before you are in an emergency situation is better than coming home from vacation to water damage that has gone unnoticed for days. Scheduling a sewer inspection, along with a sewer camera inspection, is the first step in a process that could save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

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