Why Pipe Bursting Is Superior to Open-Top Excavation

One of the efficient pipe replacement solutions we offer here at Pipeshark includes trenchless pipe bursting in Philadelphia, PA suburbs. While there are many options available, pipe bursting might be more beneficial. Here’s a closer look at the ways pipe bursting can be superior to traditional open-top excavation.

There’s Less Surface Disruption

Pipe bursting equipment is designed to fit into the pipes in a way that doesn’t require full excavation. Entry and exit points are required so that the bursting head can get to work, but that requires very minimal digging, and even less if the access points already exist. Breaking up the damaged pipe this way means you won’t have to worry about a big landscape restoration bill when the work is finished.

The Damaged Pipe Isn’t Removed

Pipe bursting services work in a way that fragments the damaged pipe and pushes it into the ground. Approaching pipe replacement this way means a big hole doesn’t have to be created to bring up the old pipe and put the new one into place. This also minimizes the risk of bringing underground contaminants to the surface.

You’ll Still Get a New Pipe

With trenchless pipe bursting, you’ll still get a new pipe just like you would with open-top excavation. However, it’s done in a much less disruptive way. What this ultimately means is you’ll have a strong, durable, new pipe that can handle full flow and capacity. In fact, it’s often possible to insert a newer pipe into the existing space whenever a greater capacity is needed.

Get Started Today

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