Why Pipe Bursting Is Advantageous for Property Owners

The old pipe is broken up and the new one is pulled into place in the space left behind by the fractured pipe. This pretty much sums up the approach to trenchless pipe bursting in West Chester, PA, residents can expect from Pipeshark. Below, we take a closer look at why this pipe replacement method is advantageous for property owners.

Less Labor = Added Savings

Since pipe bursting technology eliminates the need for traditional excavation, it’s possible to complete the job with less labor. Likewise, we won’t need to bring heavy machinery onto your property. This streamlined approach to replacing a pipe ultimately means the work can be done faster, which is savings passed along to you!

Fewer Property Disruptions

The way pipe bursting equipment is used negates the need to significantly disrupt surface areas. Therefore, there’s less cleanup needed, and there’s no need for costly landscape or concrete restoration work. On a related note, because the damaged pipe isn’t brought to the surface, there’s no risk of cross-contamination from underground soil.

Reduced Trench Settlement

A dug-up trench can settle once it’s filled in. This could result in damage to landscaped or paved surfaces directly above the work area. It’s common for excavation projects to allow time for settling before final surface restoration is done. All the extra time and work this entails is negated with pipe bursting. Plus, a lack of trench settlement protects nearby utility lines!

Your 5-Star Pipe Pros Are Here for You

If you’re a property owner in West Chester, PA, or the other nearby areas we serve, you could benefit from pipe bursting. With Pipeshark, you’re sure to get the forerunners among pipe bursting contractors in the area. We get the job done right! Fill out our contact form today to take advantage of our pipe bursting services.