Why DIY Methods of Drain Cleaning are Bad for Your Pipes

Blocked drains can be more than an annoyance. If left untreated, clogs can cause damage to your pipes, water-dependent appliances, and create an unhealthy environment if waste can’t accurately leave your home. While DIY drain cleaning methods seem to be an easy fix, the store-bought products and unusual methods of clearing your lines can wreak havoc on your pipes.

Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaners

The most common drain cleaning method used in homes across Pottstown, PA and beyond, is a liquid, chemical-based solution. There are three main challenges with these store-bought cleaners.

1. The chemicals can increase pipe corrosion. When the chemical-laden drain cleaner is poured into your pipe, it’s potentially blocked by the clog you’re trying to remove. The dangerous chemicals in the cleaner will sit inside your pipe, slowly eating away at the material. While no plumbing system is designed to last forever, regular use of chemical-filled drain cleaner will speed up the corrosion process and call for pipe repair or replacement much sooner than normal.

2. Liquid doesn’t remove the clog. If you pour drain cleaner down your pipes on a regular basis, it’s safe to assume the solution isn’t working. At best, the liquid can only push the clog further into your plumbing system. The liquid cleaner doesn’t have the power needed to remove the blockage completely.

3. Chemical drain cleaners can contaminate the water supply. If your pipes have small holes or cracks, the dangerous chemicals can seep into the surrounding soil, potentially contaminating the local water supply.

Best Drain Cleaner

The most effective, eco-friendly way to clean your drains is by calling a reliable professional plumber. The Pipeshark team offers two viable drain cleaning solutions: plumbing auger and hydro jetting services. Both methods completely clear the blockage without damaging your pipes or the environment.Snaking the clog is best used when the blockage is near the pipe access point, while hydro jetting can be used to clear large, more severe clogs that have settled further along in your system.

Both drain cleaning methods can be performed in a matter of hours with no disruption to your lawn or flooring. Skip the DIY drain cleaning methods and call a professional plumber who offers affordable, reliable services that will extend the life of your plumbing system.