Three Benefits of Sewer and Drain Inspection for Your Philadelphia Pipes

Your sewer system is a complex thing. One pipe’s slow drain could be the result of a little grease build up, while another could be due to a tree root infiltration. Without a proper sewer and drain inspection, it’s difficult to accurately diagnose the cause of your piping problems. That’s why our Pipeshark technicians always start our process with a sewer camera drain inspection. Our team of experts insert a high-definition camera into your pipes to capture real-time footage of your system. If you are in the Philadelphia area, call Pipeshark to enjoy the following benefits from your drain inspection:

Drain Inspections Can Save You Money

Without getting an accurate look into your pipes, technicians rely on educated guesses; but when it comes to pipe a guess is not good enough. This can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and expensive mistakes. For example, from the surface a cracked pipe can produce the same symptoms as a dislodged pipe, but the solution is very different. Bends in the piping and areas of corrosion can also be difficult to predict and require a video camera inspection to ensure a proper diagnosis, and solution, the first time around.

Inspections Ensure Quality Work

With sewer camera inspection you are able to see the damaged pipe for yourself, so you can feel good about the technician’s dognisis. In addition, a video camera inspection after the procedure ensures your system is drains are cleared and in excellent working condition.

Your New Negotiating Tool

If you are planning on purchasing a home or piece of property, a sewer camera inspection can ensure you are making a sound purchase. In general, the standard home inspection does not include a sewer inspection, which could be a powerful negotiating tool if hidden costs are discovered. This is particularly important with buildings over 40 years old, as they are susceptible to clogs and corrosion.

Call Pipeshark to Learn More about Drain Inspection

Pipeshark offers premium services for all your plumbing needs in Philadelphia. Give us a call to learn more about how our drain inspection can set you up for success.

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