Trenchless Pipe Lining is the Ultimate Sewer Repair Solution in West Chester, PA

Did you know that new innovation in sewer line repairs have gotten better? Gone are the days when you’d have someone dig up your entire front yard or front lawn just to get to the root of the problem. Technology has advanced and the plumbing industry has gotten better because of it.

Trenchless technology is now available, and it can save you the expense and inconvenience of having to dig up your property. It is the better alternative to having your rainwater leader pipe replaced with a stronger, more durable material. It’s the best way to replace your old, broken and leaking steel pipes.

How Trenchless Technology Works

There are two primary ways to do trenchless technology in sewer repairs. They are the PIP and the Inversion Method.

The P.I.P, or the pull in place method makes use of a liner saturated with resin epoxy that is “cured” in place when in the right position. The process of pulling the liner needs two small access points, one at the entrance and the other at the exit point. The first hole feeds the liner and the second pulls it out. If in the case it is impossible to create two access points, then the inversion method is used.

The inversion method creates only one access point for the liner to be put in place. Up to 200 ft. of new liners can be placed in just seconds. Here, the epoxy is already laid up on the pipe which makes the liner adhere directly as it is being pushed.

Most trenchless repairs use both methods in a variety of instances. Aside from that, there are minor variances such as the vertical stack pipe lining, horizontal pipe lining, vertical pipe lining and lateral pipe lining. These are all trenchless applications for businesses, residential and industrial properties.

A tiny, advanced fiber optic camera is inserted into the problem pipe in order to inspect the cause of damage. From there, the lines are cleared for the new liner to be pulled into place via PIP or the inversion method. The end result is a seamless installation of a pipe within a pipe.

Why is Trenchless the Ultimate Solution for Your Sewer Repair Needs?

Conserving and preserving our precious water is now becoming more important than ever. While we can’t escape the fact that pipes need repairs every now and then, what we can do is make the repairs last as long as humanly possible.

Traditional pipe repairs might seem to be better because of low-entry costs, but the dig and replace method bring in hidden and unexpected charges. You will need to call in contractors to operate the heavy equipment for the digging process. After that, you’ll need to call in a landscape professional to bring your property back to the way it was pre-digging. You end up really paying more than trenchless repairs in both money and time aspects.

The whole trenchless process is done above the ground. The special epoxy resins are much more durable than the steel pipes you used 5, 10 years before. It’s a laser-like technique that doesn’t disturb the natural landscape and surroundings.