Thawing Your Frozen Pipes in Philadelphia

Philadelphia winters can place a lot of pressure on your plumbing system. Even if you are normally careful to prepare your pipes for the freezing temperatures, accidents can still happen. Sometimes we get a cold snap early in the year before you’ve had a chance to prepare, or maybe you forgot to include part of your plumbing system in your preparations. If you find a frozen pipe, your next steps are critical to avoiding property damage.

Finding the Source of the Problem

After a particularly cold night, you may try to use one of your fixtures only to realize nothing comes out. If little to no water comes out of your faucet or there are strange smells coming from your drain, you might have a frozen pipe. Identifying the source of the problem can alleviate property damage and avoid a plumbing emergency.

Check exposed pipes for frost or a slight bulge. Common places to check are the attic, basement, garage, or inside your cabinets. These places are often the coldest parts of your home and more susceptible to the cold weather.

How to Safely Thaw Your Sewer and Drain Pipes

There is no reason to take drastic measures to thaw your pipes. Heating them up too quickly can damage your pipes and cause steam that adds more pressure to your system, and using an open flame can start a fire. Try to gently warm up the area without causing a dramatic change in temperature. For example, open your cabinets to allow the heat from your home to access your pipes.

Once you have assessed the situation, give us a call to service your pipes. Freezing water expands, so we will check your pipes for cracks or other damage. If repairs are necessary, our knowledgeable staff will recommend the perfect solution. We offer quick and easy pipe repair to give you peace of mind.

Always Call a Professional for Your Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a reality of our climate in Philadelphia, but we are here to help. We will identify areas of damage, make the necessary repairs, and even help you put together a preventive maintenance plan to prevent future problems. Be sure to give our team at The Pipeshark a call next time you experience a frozen pipe problems.

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