Pottstown, Why is it time to clean your sewer and drain pipes?

When it comes to sewer and drain pipe maintenance you need to be cognizant of the fact that regional differences will affect the type and frequency of required services. Pottstown Illinois for example, is significantly different than any other neighborhood in the United States. The cost of living and median income there are less than that of the immediate surrounding area. This may have a past and present effect on materials used in the construction of homes. All materials used for sewer pipe is wonderful with PVC being the most common but each has advantages and disadvantages.

Much of the housing in Pottstown was built in the late 1930’s with a significant portion of real estate being added in the 70’s. So this may answer the question if you live in Pottstown, why is it time to clean your sewer and drain pipes?
Most of the pipes in Pottstown will probably be constructed of clay, which is a wonderful medium, but is prone to blockage by tree roots. All other pipe materials are prone to blockage due to hair, grease, or foreign objects, stainless steel and PVC are more easily damaged by corrosive chemicals.
Sewer and drain pipes will naturally become clogged and require regular maintenance during the course of time. If you live in an older residence you will need to schedule an appointment to have your sewer system checked.
There are a significant number of vacant buildings in Pottstown also. If you are planning on purchasing or moving into one you will definitely want to consider periodic maintenance, or a camera inspection to insure that there are no preexisting problems. Sludge can be a problem even when the system has been well cared for because the reason we have sewer systems is for it’s removal.

Consequences of not Cleaning

We seldom think of the fact that sewer maintenance needs to be performed but there are consequences of neglecting to do so. The backup from an unattended sewer system can cause serious financial repercussions due to damages by wastewater. Raw sewage is unsanitary and can cause health problems if not dealt with immediately. In addition, backed up waste water may cause structural damage which could result in extensive repairs.

Causes of Clogs

The primary cause of sewer clogs is a blockage by grease, hair, or sludge. There are also times when blockages are caused by tree roots. They can also occur from damage to the lines through corrosion or shifting. Any one of these factors can have devastating effects if not dealt with, so they all have to be accounted for.

Indicators of Clogs

If you have not had your sewer lines checked look for the following trouble indicators. The main indicator is a slow or sluggish drain. Blockages will not allow water to drain at the normal speed. If you are accustomed to the speed of the regular flow of water you will notice the change. Gurgling sounds coming from the drain is another indicator. If a drain in one part of the house gurgles when you use another you probably have a problem. A clog in the main line will affect all other connecting lines.

Preventative Measures

The best prevention against clogs is to make sure that you don’t flush questionable objects down the toilet, or allow them to get into your drainpipes. Filling your sinks and bathtubs with water and allowing them to drain periodically will serve to flush out debris which can potentially cause a blockage.
The most effective method for preventing or diagnosing problems is to request a camera inspection. If a clog has developed one simple fix is a procedure where a mechanical snake is run down through the line in order to breakup the blockage.
A camera inspection will guarantee that you find the problem and it’s exact location. When the problem is located and determined it can be dealt with effectively.

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