Main Causes of Sewer Pipe Issues

The sewer line is an essential component for your home. If something goes wrong, you can benefit from getting trenchless pipe lining in Paoli, PA from Pipeshark. There are a few main causes of sewer pipe issues that are important to know.

Damage to Pipes

When a pipe or pipes within your sewer line have suffered damage, it prevents wastewater and sewage from draining. The end result is that your plumbing will back up. This is a problem that can pose significant health hazards to your family. You may need CIPP pipe lining to get your sewer line running normally again.

Sagging Sewer Line

Unfortunately, you can’t predict or prevent a sagging sewer line. This is an issue that naturally occurs over time. You can tell your sewer line has sagged when a pipe appears to have sunken in the ground. Normally, this happens due to time and the condition of the ground or soil in your yard. Getting new cast iron pipe lining can help.

Tree Root Infiltration

The sewer pipe lining in your sewer line can suffer damage if tree roots infiltrate it. When a tree in your yard needs water, the roots can grow and spread into the ground by your sewer line. Once the roots get inside, they naturally expand, which causes the pipe underground to break. Getting repairs with a professional can help to fix this problem.

Flushing the Wrong Things

It’s important to know what can be flushed down the toilet and what you should throw away in the garbage. Only human waste should be flushed. Everything else — tissues, cotton balls, baby wipes, makeup removers, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and other personal care items — should go in the trash.

Grease Going Down Drains

Grease and oil should never be flushed down your sink drains. When they get into the pipes, these substances can harden and cause bad clogs that can adversely affect the pipes in your sewer line.

If you live in Pennsylvania and need one of the best pipe lining companies to make repairs at your home, contact Pipeshark at your earliest convenience.