Harrisburg, PA Trenchless Sewer Repair - Saves You Money!

Here at The Pipeshark we have been serving the greater Harrisburg area for over 20 years. Our number one commitment is our customers and we make sure to invest in the latest technologies that will save you time and money. We primarily specialize in two trenchless techniques, one is pipebursting and the other is pipe lining, or cipp (cured-in-place-pipe). Both are fantastic methods that require minimal to no excavation whatsoever. It has been our experience that the more trenching or digging you must do to repair a sewer-line the greater the potential to run into more problems.

With pipebursting you generally will need two small access holes that allow for the new pipe (HDPE) to be pulled in place. This process involves an ‘auger or bursting head” that is designed to split the host pipe when pulled through, while simultaneously pulling the brand new pipe into place. The difference with pipe lining is it does not require bursting the host pipe. Instead, it still requires the host pipe, however, a fiberglass like resin soaked sock is “shot” through the pipe with high pressurized air. The sock is inverted so that it unfurls itself inside the pipe into place. Once this happens an air bladder is positioned inside the resin sock and filled with air so that the new epoxy pipe adheres to the host pipe. There you allow it to “cure” in place, hence the term, CIPP or cure-in-place-pipe.

Each sewer repair or replacement requires a pipe camera inspection. This is the best way to accurately diagnose the condition of a troublesome pipe. Once a camera inspection has been completed you then have a better idea as to which trenchless technique will work best. Too many times, other companies will offer one or the other and not do the right upfront work to determine which trenchless technique will work best for you…and save you money!

Here in Harrisburg, we have seen our fair share of problematic sewer pipes as many residential sewers still have orangeburg (bitumenized fiber pipe or paper and pitch pipe) and clay pipes still in the ground. Both techniques will easily remedy any and all ailing residential sewers and will save you both time and money. If you have a problematic sewer and would like an inspection to determine if a trenchless repair is right for you, then call The Pipeshark at 610-993-9300.

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