Factors We Consider Before Recommending Trenchless Repair

Pipeshark offers trenchless sewer repair in Philadelphia, PA that can fix your plumbing problems quickly and efficiently. When compared to old repair methods, trenchless technology saves homeowners time and money, not to mention headaches associated with the long process of traditional plumbing repairs. While modern technology is wonderful, there are a few factors we take into consideration before recommending trenches repair.

Amount of Time Needed for Repairs

Older techniques that required digging up your sewer line or cutting into your walls or floors to locate the problem took several days to finish. Digging and repairs were followed by more days spent repairing the home and lawn. Our trenchless pipe repair gets right to the issue at hand and often finishes in just a few visits.

Level of Disruption

Our trenchless pipe replacement and repair allows us to use modern techniques to remotely locate the exact problem with a sewer inspection camera, and we can repair any damage we find from one single access point. You no longer have to deal with the disruption of your landscaping. If you have sidewalks, a cement driveway, and several garden areas around your home, trenches repairs are a great option when it comes to pipe repairs.


Most important to any homeowner has cost. Trenchless sewer replacement and repairs eliminate excessive charges. The hours of digging that used to be required often cost the homeowner additional labor fees. They also had to pay to replace their landscaping. Our trenchless repairs allow you to pay only for the repair work needed.

Pipeshark provides trenchless pipe lining and other trenchless repairs at affordable prices. We will promptly and efficiently do the repairs, and we will leave your home and lawn in beautiful condition.

Contact us today to determine if trenchless repairs are right for you.

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