Why Choose Trenchless Sewer Repair & Relining in Columbus, IN?

If you come from Columbus, IN, chances are your sewer line has had a problem. This is because the city is populated and this stresses the sewer lines. So what is the best solution when this important part of your home has a problem? You can either choose the traditional method or the new trenchless method. Here is why you should only choose trenchless sewer repair and relining if you live in Columbus, IN.

Saves time

Since digging of trenches and using of heavy machinery is completely eliminated, home owners living in Columbus, OH can now save time and have a brief repair and relining of their sewer line.

Unlike the traditional excavation where a plumber will take days to dig up trenches to replace the cracked and broken pipes, this new technique will only take a few hours. The relining material will be poured in the two holes dug and as soon as it dries, the sewer line will be good for usage.

Cost effective

Although the initial cost of sewer repair and relining is high, you will realize that this method is cost effective in the long run as compared to the traditional digging. This method doesn’t require digging and heavy equipment. Once the relining has been installed, the pipes will be as good and as strong as they were when they were new. This means you will not need any future expensive repairs. It is also fast to carry out which means the cost of labor is reduced.

No joints

The fact that this repair method is seamless makes it durable than any other repair technique. One or two holes will be dug where a solution will be run into the pipes. This provides a seamless repair. This means that the new pipe will be exceptionally strong and long lasting. This completely eliminates the risk of future leaks since there will be no seam.

No excavation

This is a popular sewer repair and relining method in the city due to the fact that there is no excavation. Traditional methods entail digging up to reach the broken pipe. This has proven to be an expensive task and that’s why home owners are advised to choose the trenchless sewer repair. Picture a line running down your beautiful garden which has to be dug to access the pipe. But things are different when it comes to trenchless sewer repair and relining. This means your garden stays the same before and after the repair.

Environmental friendly

If your live in an eco-friendly home in Columbus, IN, you need to embrace this new technology since it is environmental friendly. Plumbers can repair and reline your broken sewer pipes and still preserve the environment. As with the traditional methods, plumbers will have to use heavy machinery to dig a trench throughout the day to reach the cracked pipe. With the trenchless method, you will only need one or two small holes to insert the repair material.

Since no tree will be uprooted to pave way for the repair, the trenchless method is advised by environmentalists as the most environmental friendly option to repair your sewer.