Biggest Misconceptions You May Have About Pipe Bursting

Homeowners may sometimes have to deal with pipe issues caused by leaks or tree root invasion. Almost always, this calls for a pipeline replacement. Today, we highlight some of the common misconceptions about pipe bursting.

As the go-to company for trenchless pipe bursting in West Chester, PA, we’ve heard quite a lot of myths about pipe bursting. But before we clear these misconceptions, let’s first define what pipe bursting is.

Defining Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a technique used in trenchless sewer or gas line replacement. The process involves using a bursting tool to break damaged pipes through brittle fracturing or splitting of the pipe. Simultaneously, the bursting head pulls in a new replacement pipe in place of the previous pipe.

Pipe bursting equipment typically consists of a bursting head, a bursting tool, a pulling cable, and a power source. Now that we’ve clearly defined pipe bursting, let’s get to the truth behind the myths surrounding it. Here are two common misconceptions about pipe bursting.

Pipe Bursting is Super Expensive

Most people that suggest pipe bursting is costly will do so out of context. Pipe bursting started as a replacement method strictly for areas plumbing companies could not excavate. The cost of this replacement method was high for plumbing companies as they had to hire equipment. In turn, the service was also costly to homeowners.

However, as time progressed, companies started to own their equipment and the latest pipe bursting technology. Consequently, pipe bursting is now much more affordable even for large-scale pipe replacement jobs. In addition, pipe bursting is a durable solution, thus avoiding future problems like leaks that’ll need costly sewer repairs.

Pipe Bursting is Similar to CIPP

In a bid to slash the cost of having to excavate your landscape, trenchless replacement techniques came to the forefront. Two popular choices for trenchless replacement services are pipe bursting and CIPP or cured-in-place pipelining.

Pipe bursting contractors use the bursting method to install new pipes and replace damaged pipes. CIPP relines old busted pipes with an epoxy liner for added protection.

Pipe bursting is a trenchless replacement service that effectively destroys damaged pipes and replaces them with new ones. Contact Pipeshark for pipe bursting and trenchless pipe lining services today!