Best Way to Manage Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots are a very invasive and inconvenient problem for many homeowners and property owners out there. When they get too out of hand, they can interfere with the public parts of the building and even disrupt septic lines. Most people assume that this problem can be solved simply by removing the tree. However, the remaining stump or roots can still grow even after that. If this is a current problem, consult the professionals at Pipeshark for trenchless sewer repair in West Chester, PA, and other services. With that being said, here are the best ways to manage tree root invasion:

  1. Tree Root Barriers

These barriers are usually pretty successful at controlling root growth. Tree root barriers act as a wall to stop any roots from passing through. They are commonly made from plastic or fiberglass. As your top provider of trenchless pipe repair in West Chester, PA, we suggest consulting our team so we can best determine whether or not this is needed.

  1. Keep Up with Professionals

Root damage can easily impact the sewer and pipes and result in the need for trenchless pipe replacement in West Chester, PA, or other services. Reach out to Pipeshark so we can provide advice on the best ways to prevent roots from returning once they’ve been removed from the area.

  1. Dig Up the Roots

Sometimes, property owners or professionals use chemicals to clear out the roots. If not, the roots could be damaging to the sewer and later on require trenchless sewer replacement in West Chester, PA. In some cases, chemicals don’t work and that could lead to a need for manual removal.

Need more advice on invasive tree roots? Call Pipeshark to get insight on trenchless pipe lining in West Chester, PA, and other services we offer relating to reinventing and improving your property. You may also fill out our form on this website for an appointment.

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