When Should Pipe Bursting Be Utilized?

We here at The Pipeshark are experts at trenchless pipe repair and replacement, and we believe that pipe bursting is an ideal remedy for a variety of commonly encountered problems. Below are just a few of the times that we think you should consider implementing trenchless pipe bursting in West Chester, PA, and surrounding areas.

When a Pipeline Is Too Small

Pipe bursting technology in West Chester, PA is an excellent way of dealing with a pipeline that’s too small to handle the amount of wastewater that it needs to move. Instead of simply relining the existing pipe, pipe bursting actually lays a new pipeline in place of an older pipe. This means that a pipe can be up-sized to accommodate higher flow levels.

When Excessive Settling Has Occurred

Underground sewer lines can settle over time due to differing rates of soil compaction, and this can cause a pipe to separate or lose the gradient needed for proper flow. Our trenchless pipe bursting services in West Chester, PA allow us to completely replace a settled pipe with an all-new pipe that’s capable of effective operation.

When Access Is Limited

One of the most appealing reasons for property owners to choose pipe bursting is that pipe bursting equipment in West Chester, PA requires very little surface access. If you need to repair or replace a pipe that’s located underneath a building, road, or parking area or in another spot that’s similarly difficult to reach, pipe bursting might just be the solution you’ve been seeking.

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