When is Trenchless Pipe Lining Ideal

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Below, we take a look at the different situations where the trenchless method of pipe restoration is the best option.

When the Damaged Pipe is Still Stable

Pipe lining, also referred to as CIPP pipe lining, is only possible if the compromised pipe has not yet collapsed completely. Through the use of a sewer camera examination, we can establish if this is the case. For the liner to be fitted well and the coating to be applied to the interior walls, the pipe must be stable.

When the Older Pipes are Still in Generally Good Shape

Cast iron pipes are common in older residential and commercial structures. This is why they are oftentimes aged and prone to rust and various weaknesses; trenchless pipe lining may not be the best option to deal with them. But if you have an outdated sewer line that is still sturdy and in good form, except for the part that needs repair, cast iron pipe lining may be the best option.

When the Damage is Minor

Sewer pipe lining is also a suitable option when the damaged section is restricted or constrained to a small pipe line area. If the damage is not significant or widespread, pipe lining is highly recommended as it can be very effective in restoring the damaged area completely.

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