What is Pipe Lining in Philadelphia PA?

Pipe lining is lining the inside of an existing piping with a fiberglass and epoxy layer which will seal up any holes or cracks and give the old pipe additional strength. We are certified Perma-Liner pipe lining installers. Unlike a lot of pipe lining suppliers, Perma-Liner actually designs their own materials and continuously carries out research on improving their process. The biggest plus this technology has over pipe bursting is that can often be done from just one point of access. So, for example, if your old piping is leaking under the street, it may be possible to repair it without the extra expense of digging the road up. It is also good for piping that is not buried underground but is inaccessible, such as behind cabinets or wood paneling. The disadvantage compared to pipe bursting is that it lines whatever is there. So making sure the old pipe is very clean is very important. If a root or a stone is left in the pipe, the new lining will simply roll over it and leave you with a non-leaking reinforced pipe that has a bump or hill in it. In a drain or sewer line, things can catch on this and cause a blockage. So you need to weigh out the savings of a second point of access against the benefits of a brand new pipe.

May need to see inside the old piping to make the best choice.

Typically to make the best decision you need to see inside the pipe so you know what you are working with. We have state of the art video equipment designed to see inside your sewer or drain with enough clarity so you can confirm you have a problem and you can see whether it is a better candidate for pipe bursting or pipe lining. The video is digital so you can now view it on your computer which is much more convenient than the old VHS systems.