What Goes On During Pipe Bursting?

When a pipe needs to be replaced but it’s not stable enough for pipe lining, excavation isn’t your only option. At Pipeshark, we also specialize in trenchless pipe bursting in Paoli, PA. If you’re new to this minimally disruptive approach to pipe replacement, here’s how it works and what happens when our trained technicians replace a pipe this way.

Inspecting the Pipe

Before we put pipe bursting technology into motion, an inspection of the affected pipe is done. The results will quickly and accurately show the overall condition of the pipe. This will also allow our technicians to determine if pipe bursting is the most appropriate option.

Breaking Up the Damaged/Worn Pipe

Pipe bursting equipment that includes static, pneumatic, or lateral bursting heads and accessories is used to break up the existing pipe. The damaged or worn pipe is broken up in a way that pushes it downward into the soil in an efficient way.

Inserting a New Pipe in the Same Space

The beauty of pipe bursting technology is that it allows a new pipe to be inserted into the same space vacated by the existing one. This is done simultaneously with a new pipe that’s roughly the same size as the one being replaced. The entire process is completed in a way that won’t leave you with major surface restoration work to do.

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