Sewer Pipe Inspection in Reading is the way

Why you should go for video pipe inspection in Reading


We all know the disaster a clogged or broken sewer system can bring. It is important to ensure that the plumbing and drainage system of any facility, be it commercial property or individual homes, are thoroughly maintained and inspected regularly.
However, that may not be possible under certain circumstances. System inspection and maintenance may prove to be an expensive affair and time consuming. Also, some areas where the pipes are laid may be difficult to access thereby allowing repairs, inspections or cleaning.
Sewer pipe inspection in reading is the way to go using the video pipe inspection in such troublesome area. The video pipe inspection is an efficient, time saving and reliable technique that allows professional plumbers have a visual representation of your drainage and plumbing system from a distance.
Clogged and broken sewers will no longer be a surprise.

Video pipe inspection basics

It involves placing the mobile video inside the system being monitored. It is mounted on a sturdy wheeled base that makes it easy to manipulate it from a control panel and a video screen. It resembles a radio-

controlled toy car.

The plumber can easily monitor and inspect the deepest and remotest of the sewer lines using this technique. Areas with damaged, clogged, cracked or broken pipes are easily located without the need to dig out large areas of the pipe system.
Problems that can happen to the sewer system
Sewer systems may develop problems that may prevent proper functioning. Some of the common issues include:

Cracks and breaks

The pipes in the sewer system may crack or break as a result of shift or soil changes around them. Cracks and breaks often result in leaks. Also, the system will not work properly as a result of the damage.

Damage to the seals or joint problems

Thanks to the video inspection technique, it is now possible to have a close-up view of the pipe joints. It is now easy to determine the condition of the seals at connection and joints.

Tree roots

Tree roots that grow towards the sewer line system may cause blockage of the sewer. In severe cases, the roots may break the pipes meaning replacements have to be made.

Some of the benefits of video pipe inspection in Reading include:

1. It allows remote areas of the pipe system and drain to be visually inspected.
2. It is an efficient and speedy way of ensuring regular maintenance checks.
3. The technique allows minimal need for excavation or digging in order to access the pipes.
4. It is an inexpensive way of finding and isolating problems devoid of the disruptive and expensive exploratory digging.
5. It reduces maintenance costs for commercial plumbing systems.
6. The inspections are recorded and later documented in case a careful and thorough examination is needed in future.
7. Regardless of the size of the pipes, they all make use of the same camera equipment
8. It is a safe way of accessing the conditions of the sewer system. There are strict rules governing methods by which workers enter and maintain the sewer system. Some techniques may be hazardous and not forgetting the contaminants and hazards the workers may be exposed too.

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