PipeShark Wants You to Bring On Your Toughest Problems

Our team loves solving your tricky piping problems.  The first step is we listen to what you’re saying.  The three trenchless technologies each have their own strengths and needs.  All of them will work, but only one will meet your needs the best.  So clearly understanding what your concerns are is the starting point.  After that we bring good equipment, best practices, and experience to your job.  We work quickly and cleanly!  Our trenchless sewer repair techniques reduce the need to trench up all of your yard or floor and other things in the way, like walkways, trees, roadways, etc.  We guarantee the quality of the job, and stand 100% behind our work.  Our trenchless or no-dig specialties include all three of the no0dig technologies; pipe bursting, pipe lining and pipe boring.  We can even combine our trenchless equipment to bore a hole on a specific grade and then expand that hole and pull a new pipe into place where there was none before.  Simply put, we can solve your underground piping without all the disturbance of traditional excavation.

If you have a broken sewer or drain line, if your water line is leaking, if you have a cracked soil pipe buried in a wall, or if you need a new pipe installed and digging is difficult, Pipeshark can solve the problem with less disturbance to your grounds, your hardscaping, your infrastructure, and your routines.  We can work on all kinds of piping including, terra cotta, clay, cast iron, concrete, orangeburg, copper, galvanize, ductile, steel, and all types of plastic or PVC.  If you are in need of piping solution specialist, our family has been solving plumbing and piping issues for over 100 years.  Now we’d like to take care of your piping needs.