What Is So Advanced About the New Pipe Bursting Technology?

Have you ever had to replace your sewer pipes? What was the most dreadful thing about it? Was it the digging up of your yard and having to put it back together? Waiting for days or even weeks to finish the project? Or maybe it was simply how inconvenient it is to have people and huge machinery at your house? Was it the safety and concern for the health of your family as technicians dig up the earth and expose possible health contaminants?

Trenchless technology seeks to eliminate all those troubles in traditional sewer line repair and replacements. Pipeshark can resolve your plumbing issues without causing massive inconvenience. Here’s what’s so good about today’s latest pipe bursting technology:

Get In Deep Without Digging

In most buildings, pipes will be underground due to hygiene and aesthetics. However, to fix anything, you’ll have to dig them up, right? Not always! Our expert technicians avoid the digging part by doing a camera inspection to see the condition and location of the problem pipe.

Greener and Causes Less Disturbance

In pipe bursting, a larger-diameter bullet shaped head breaks up the old pipe as a new pipe is laid at the same time. The fragments of the old pipe are scattered harmlessly to the surrounding ground soil. The new line is installed in exactly the same position as the old pipe. This seamlessly fits into the existing sewer or water line system.

Unlike the old excavation methods, trenchless technology allows for a lesser carbon footprint. All the work can be completed just by digging two small holes, sparing your landscape and all its features. Disturbance is non-existent. There’s no disruption, noise pollution, or ruin of earth. If you own a commercial space, then it’s business as usual only after a few hours of downtime.

Versatile Replacement Solution

There are many different ways to carry out trenchless replacements:

  • Pneumatic
  • Lateral



Whether you have a collapsed pipe, a cracked pipe, pinhole leaks, root intrusion, corroded pipes or bellied pipes, trenchless pipe bursting comes out on top. We can service water mains, sewer and storm lines, and underground utilities.

Systems Up and Running In No Time

Homeowners and business owners will be glad to know that trenchless pipe repairs and replacements can be completed in just a few hours! Every aspect of pipe replacement is simplified and made more efficient. Moreover, you get improved flow via the greater diameter pipes now taking the place of the old one.

Full Water or Sewer Pipe Replacement

You can save on almost all pipe replacement tasks when you opt for trenchless technology. There willbe lower labor costs, less machinery on your lawn, and no re-landscaping costs. You save more money in the long run. The quality of trenchless technology ensures you’ll have working pipes that are good for 50 years or greater.

Get Pipe Bursting for Your Plumbing System Now

Call PipeShark now to get the best trenchless replacement services in the area. We guarantee special attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to our work!