The 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Philadelphia Property Pipes Healthy

Underground pipes present many different difficulties when a problem arises. One of the best ways to prevent the unexpected from happening is to be proactive in keeping your properties pipes healthy. In the Philadelphia area, you can turn to us at The Pipeshark for assistance with this. Because of our expertise in managing sewer system problems, we have compiled a list of the 5 ways to keep your pipes healthy and working their best to help reduce the chances of major problems forming.

1 – Be Careful What You Send Down The Drains

There is a lot to be said about not flushing certain products down the toilet. The same can be said about showers and sinks. The kitchen sink is a prime location where all kinds of organic material can end up going down the drain. Paper products other than those intended for flushing should not be disposed of through your toilet and hair can really mess up a drain from the shower. One easy way to combat this is to have filter plugs on the sink and shower drains.

2 – Flush Your Drains Regularly

Because some drains in your home will flow slower than others, it is a good idea to give your drains a bit of a self-cleaning every so often. What this entails is filling a sink full of hot water and letting it flow down through the system. The high volume of hot water will move some of the material that has collected inside your drain pipes allowing for better operation of the entire system.

3 – Don’t Overtreat With Commercial Drain Cleaners

Commercial drain cleaners are extremely corrosive and acidic, often creating more damage to your pipes. While using them periodically is acceptable, they shouldn’t be relied on to treat slow drains or clogs, as the solutions will be temporary at best and extremely harmful at worst. Due to the risks, however, we recommend flushing your system with hot water, and naturally, if the situation is more serious, call us at The Pipeshark for added assistance.

4 – Schedule Annual Sewer Camera Inspections

Speaking of calling us in for help, you can learn a lot about the condition of your underground sewer system with our sewer camera inspection service. We dig a hole down to the pipe connections in your yard and insert a tiny camera that feeds a closed-circuit video to one of our technicians on site. It is from this video we can see if there is anything wrong with your piping.

5 – Schedule a Hydro Jetting Cleaning Session

Probably the best way to keep your Philadelphia home or business pipes working their best is with our regular hydro jetting services. We provide this cleaning service, and it basically involves a highly pressurized blast of hot water that is sent down your drain line. It is powerful enough to remove anything forming along the inside of your sewer pipe and can cut through tree root clumps as well.

The Pipeshark provides all forms of trenchless technologies to repair or replace sewer pipes in Philadelphia, and if you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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