Summer is the Best Time to Inspect Your Plumbing System

When was the last time you had your Pottstown, PA pipes inspected? If you are not sure, then you definitely want to call The Pipeshark to have it done this summer. Summertime is a great time to inspect your plumbing system, especially your pipes. This is when the ground is the softest and easiest for us to make repairs if they are necessary. Plus, without frozen objects in the pipes, they are easier to clean out. Contact us today and let us schedule a time to inspect your Pottstown plumbing system and allow our pipes to be clear all summer long.

What Pipe Inspection Reveals

Pipe inspections are important because they allow our team to take an in-depth look at what is going on within your system. Through a sewer camera inspection, our team may find that your pipes suffer from tree root invasion, debris buildup, scale, clogs, and more. In addition, we can also determine the age of your pipe and reveal cracks or breaks within your system. No matter what our team finder during your sewer and drain inspection, we will always provide you with an accurate diagnosis and precise solution.

Summer Pipe Inspections

Pipe inspections take the guesswork out of plumbing services because it provides our team with a clear look into your pipe system. During this, we place a small, high-definition camera into the pipe. As the camera moves through your pipes, it provides our team with a live-feed of your pipe’s interior. It allows our team to see a crystal, clear view of your pipes. Once the camera inspection is complete, we will either clean or repair your pipes if needed.

Turn to The Pipeshark for Your Pipe Inspection Needs

Contact us at The Pipeshark when you are ready to have your pipes inspected. You will be able to see what condition your Pottstown pipes are currently in, and determine if they need any type of repair or services. We will watch the live feed during the inspection and let you know if we see any signs of an impending problem. From there, we can let you know what options you have and get the project started!

Three Benefits of Sewer and Drain Inspection for Your Philadelphia Pipes

Your sewer system is a complex thing. One pipe’s slow drain could be the result of a little grease build up, while another could be due to a tree root infiltration. Without a proper sewer and drain inspection, it’s difficult to accurately diagnose the cause of your piping problems. That’s why our Pipeshark technicians always start our process with a sewer camera drain inspection. Our team of experts insert a high-definition camera into your pipes to capture real-time footage of your system. If you are in the Philadelphia area, call Pipeshark to enjoy the following benefits from your drain inspection:

Drain Inspections Can Save You Money

Without getting an accurate look into your pipes, technicians rely on educated guesses; but when it comes to pipe a guess is not good enough. This can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and expensive mistakes. For example, from the surface a cracked pipe can produce the same symptoms as a dislodged pipe, but the solution is very different. Bends in the piping and areas of corrosion can also be difficult to predict and require a video camera inspection to ensure a proper diagnosis, and solution, the first time around.

Inspections Ensure Quality Work

With sewer camera inspection you are able to see the damaged pipe for yourself, so you can feel good about the technician’s dognisis. In addition, a video camera inspection after the procedure ensures your system is drains are cleared and in excellent working condition.

Your New Negotiating Tool

If you are planning on purchasing a home or piece of property, a sewer camera inspection can ensure you are making a sound purchase. In general, the standard home inspection does not include a sewer inspection, which could be a powerful negotiating tool if hidden costs are discovered. This is particularly important with buildings over 40 years old, as they are susceptible to clogs and corrosion.

Call Pipeshark to Learn More about Drain Inspection

Pipeshark offers premium services for all your plumbing needs in Philadelphia. Give us a call to learn more about how our drain inspection can set you up for success.

Why You Should Never Clean Your Pipes with Home Remedies

Most property owners assume that clogs are small plumbing issues that can be addressed with a drain cleaning product, a snake or some hot water and vinegar. Even with the best intent, opting for a DIY pipe cleaning solution can cause more problems than solve them.

Here are some reasons why it’s best to leave the clogs to the experts:

Improper Use of Tools Can Damage A Good Pipe

Whenever you use a makeshift hanger to try and loosen the hard clog in your kitchen sink, your toilet or bathroom drain, there’s a chance that you poke a new hole in the weakened sections and cause a leak or a break. The debris that’s causing your sewer to back up can be located deep underground, buried under your home foundation, slabs or flooring and will be impossible to reach with household items.

Drain Solutions Can Cause Advanced Corrosion

Drain liquids may work to a degree, but some of the more stubborn debris and years of calcified matter will get left behind. Sooner or later, the clog from the same spot comes back and you’ll have another plumbing issue in your hands.

Chemicals Can Be Harmful for Your Health

Pouring down drain cleaning products on a kitchen sink that has a garbage disposal is dangerous. The operating mechanism of the disposal can spray the corrosive liquid back and cause burns to your skin, hair or eyes. We wouldn’t recommend using vinegar or bleach as the ingredients and fumes can be toxic and harmful for your pipes and your health.

Higher Risk of Clogs and Emergencies

Pouring down bleach can cause a reaction with other substances and compounds in the drain pipes, further plugging up your plumbing. Home remedies add more items to come in contact with your pipe materials and calcified deposits, which increases the chance of sewer line failures and plumbing emergencies. Eventually, you’ll have to call in a professional to have your pipes properly cleaned or repaired.

Instead of reaching for do-it-yourself pipe cleaner, call your local team at The Pipeshark. Our latest equipment and skill can eliminate the source of the clog problem quickly and with minimal disruption. Hydro jetting and HD camera ensures a proper flow and you get the best solution in the long term.

How Often Should You Schedule Sewer Camera Inspections in Your Home?

Prior to purchasing a building more than forty years old, it is important to schedule a sewer camera inspection. There may be underlying issues that otherwise would not show up for a few months that could be found through an inspection. If unchecked, these issues could end up costing you a lot of time and money and could leave you trapped in a messy disaster or without running water.

Sewer camera inspections should be conducted by any and every reputable company before ever making any decisions about the problems or giving you a quote. Because of our devotion to improving the process of maintenance on sewer systems, we always recommend sewer camera inspections at least once a year in order to ensure that your pipes continue to operate smoothly. With frequent checkups, we can catch clogs before they cause leaks or cracks in your pipes, or identify other issues before they can become dangerous or extremely expensive to repair. Our advancements in technology provide us with a variety of tools to use, as well ensure that we are prepared for any issues that we find. With cameras mounted on crawlers or fed through the pipes with fiber optic cables, and lenses that allow us to analyze the inner wall of your pipes with a 180-degree view, we are equipped with the necessary tools to solve any pipeline problem. These tools allow frequent inspections to be possible and ensure that problems are caught ahead of time.

We are master plumbers and are registered in Pennsylvania under the Home Improvement Protection Act and are credited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, we are also members of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), National Association of Sewer Service Companies, and the International Pipe Bursting Association (IPBA). Needless to say, we are part of a major network of specialists, and we are always aspiring to gain new knowledge and improve our abilities. With Pipeshark, you can rest assured that the results we find in our sewer camera inspections will always be accurate, and with regular inspections, we can extend the life of your pipes for years and ensure that they continue to work and function smoothly.

How Are Sewer Camera Inspections So Accurate?

Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love! But one thing people can’t help but not to love is probably expensive maintenance to their homes, especially when they didn’t see it coming. One lonely and forgotten component of a home is a plumbing system. And what most people tend to forget is how important it is to get routine maintenance done.

When was the last time you had your pipes cleaned or inspected? If you can’t easily answer that question or if the answer is never, you could be setting yourself up for a big time expense and an emergency call to your local plumber in the near future.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Luckily, Pipeshark has an option that will save you a huge headache. We perform sewer camera inspections that trump the old way of evaluating pipes from the outside and digging up your entire yard to do so. It may go without saying, but what better way to evaluate pipes than from up close and personal from the inside?

The inside of pipes can tell us a lot about not only the current condition of the pipes, but also about the future condition of the pipes as well. Build up, corrosion, blockages and inner cracks can all be seen during our sewer camera inspection, something an external view could never tell us.

How is a Sewer Inspection so Accurate?

Pipeshark’s sewer camera inspections are done with our specialized, high-definition sewer cameras. The camera takes a combination of video as well as photos of the inside of your pipes. But pipes are dark and very yucky at most times. How can we get such a clear view by not directly accessing the pipes themselves? We are able to rely on the combination of a radio transmitter and an infrared light to get a clear view of what we are working with. The video and photos allow us to closely examine each part of the pipes and study the condition throughout.

The camera is attached to a long cable that is extended through the entire course of your drainage system. This is beneficial because no one area needs to be pinpointed. Instead, an evaluation is done of your entire piping system. Sure, there might be a specific issue that is calling for this inspection.

We might already know of a problem area. But with this technology, we are able to review the entire system with a no-dig method, which doesn’t make it inconvenient to look at the whole course of your system. It’s no harder to look at one part than it is to look at the whole thing.

This accurate analysis allows our technicians to diagnose any pre-existing issues as well as spot any early signs of issues that may arise in the future. This preventative action allows us to fix any issues and pinpoint any problem areas ahead of time, saving you an emergency fix later on. Why wait until it’s too late? The only thing overflowing in Philadelphia should be love! Get your pipes inspected today with Pipeshark’s sewer camera inspections to prevent your next emergency sewer repair or replacement.

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Look Before You Dig: Your Trenchless Repairs Start With a Video Inspection

The question – “where is the source of this plumbing issue?” – is a big question homeowners often face anytime there is an emergency problem in their home. Since these pipes run inside the walls or underneath the building, it may be quite hard to point out the root cause of the faulty or leak. Before you begin any repairs or start digging up your yard, video inspection technology offers you an opportunity to have a real-time image of the plumbing issue.

How Does Video Inspection work?

In video inspection technology, a small camera is attached to the end of a long cord. It is then inserted into your drain pipes or sewer line. The camera is propelled through your drains using tiny wheels. It takes real time images of the internal section of the pipe and sends it back to the expert plumber controlling it. This makes it possible to detect the source of the fault even before you begin your trenchless repairs.

Why Do You Need Video Inspection?

Either you are repairing or carrying out maintenance on you drain pipes and sewer line, video inspection technology will save you a lot of time and stress. Some of the reason why you need to carry out video inspection include:

It is accurate

The accuracy of video inspection remains unarguable. Since the camera sends back real-time images of the internal section of your plumbing system, you get to see exactly what caused the plumbing issue and the extent of the damage. Hence, you already have a clear idea of what needs to be done to rectify the problem.

It saves time

Through video inspection, you are able to detect the source of your wastewater spill or sewer line issue fast even before you begin to dig. Once the plumbing camera identifies the issues, repairs can be commenced quickly and decisively.

It is non-invasive

In video camera inspection, you have no reason to break your walls, dismantle your fixtures, or even dig up your yard just in the name of determining the plumbing issue. Video inspection is a non-invasive method that offers you the opportunity to carry out diagnosis on your drain pipes and sewer line without destroying your bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc.

It is cost-effective

Compared to tradition pipe inspection method which involves expensive labor cost just to excavate your yard, video inspection is relatively cheap. With video inspection, you only need minimal labor. Hence, you save more.

Choose Us for Your Video Pipe Inspection

If you are in search of a dependable plumbing company that provides first class video inspection services, The Pipeshark is the perfect fit for the job. We are a renowned plumbing company offering various services including video inspection, trenchless pipe lining, sewer line repairs, installations, and replacement and lots more.

At The Pipeshark, we work with a team of well-trained video inspection and plumbing experts that know how to execute their task professionally. We will provide immediate response, effective, long lasting solution to your emergency plumbing issues.

Contact Us!

Video inspection remains the best way to determine the root cause of your plumbing issue. Get in touch with us today for the thorough inspection of the drain pipes and sewer line in your home. The Pipeshark is here to help you solve the issue once and for all.

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What Is So Advanced About the New Pipe Bursting Technology?

Have you ever had to replace your sewer pipes? What was the most dreadful thing about it? Was it the digging up of your yard and having to put it back together? Waiting for days or even weeks to finish the project? Or maybe it was simply how inconvenient it is to have people and huge machinery at your house? Was it the safety and concern for the health of your family as technicians dig up the earth and expose possible health contaminants?

Trenchless technology seeks to eliminate all those troubles in traditional sewer line repair and replacements. Pipeshark can resolve your plumbing issues without causing massive inconvenience. Here’s what’s so good about today’s latest pipe bursting technology:

Get In Deep Without Digging

In most buildings, pipes will be underground due to hygiene and aesthetics. However, to fix anything, you’ll have to dig them up, right? Not always! Our expert technicians avoid the digging part by doing a camera inspection to see the condition and location of the problem pipe.

Greener and Causes Less Disturbance

In pipe bursting, a larger-diameter bullet shaped head breaks up the old pipe as a new pipe is laid at the same time. The fragments of the old pipe are scattered harmlessly to the surrounding ground soil. The new line is installed in exactly the same position as the old pipe. This seamlessly fits into the existing sewer or water line system.

Unlike the old excavation methods, trenchless technology allows for a lesser carbon footprint. All the work can be completed just by digging two small holes, sparing your landscape and all its features. Disturbance is non-existent. There’s no disruption, noise pollution, or ruin of earth. If you own a commercial space, then it’s business as usual only after a few hours of downtime.

Versatile Replacement Solution

There are many different ways to carry out trenchless replacements:

  • Pneumatic
  • Lateral



Whether you have a collapsed pipe, a cracked pipe, pinhole leaks, root intrusion, corroded pipes or bellied pipes, trenchless pipe bursting comes out on top. We can service water mains, sewer and storm lines, and underground utilities.

Systems Up and Running In No Time

Homeowners and business owners will be glad to know that trenchless pipe repairs and replacements can be completed in just a few hours! Every aspect of pipe replacement is simplified and made more efficient. Moreover, you get improved flow via the greater diameter pipes now taking the place of the old one.

Full Water or Sewer Pipe Replacement

You can save on almost all pipe replacement tasks when you opt for trenchless technology. There willbe lower labor costs, less machinery on your lawn, and no re-landscaping costs. You save more money in the long run. The quality of trenchless technology ensures you’ll have working pipes that are good for 50 years or greater.

Get Pipe Bursting for Your Plumbing System Now

Call PipeShark now to get the best trenchless replacement services in the area. We guarantee special attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to our work!